Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Emag presents new machines with the refined PECM technology – MM machinery market

During the open door of Emag in Gaildorf were numerous visitors, among other things, a picture of the innovative manufacturing solution Emag ECM and advanced PECM technology make.

“ECM and we evolved PECM technology (Precise Electrochemical machining) are always on the rise, “said Richard Keller, a board member at the Emag ECM GmbH. “The process itself is not new, but the machines and the applications for which we develop this, it already.” Even those machines and their applications were the focus of the Open Day in Gaildorf to the guests from around the world had arrived.

Known ECM is mainly as a technology for the deburring. “We at Emag ECM here but have said from the beginning, the technology can do much more than that. Therefore, we have developed methods, such as the ECM-drilling, are introduced with the holes in critical components,” explains Keller. Such components include, for example, pistons, whose cooling channels are drilled with ECM. In conventional drilling chips and Bohrkappen may arise which can remain in the flask despite intensive flushing. “Imagine, as a piston is installed, during the operation to release the chips or Bohrkappe and is rinsed with the oil in the cylinder head. This can lead to total engine failure. With ECM, this can not happen, because simply not drill chips and Bohrkappen the ECM arise, “explains Keller.

“ECM and PECM but are also used in applications where very hard materials, such as nickel-based alloys, have to be processed. This is another advantage of this technology – the hardness of the material is quasi matter. “Where other tools due to the rapid wear must be constantly changed because brings ECM with its stable performance great benefits,” continues Keller. An example of this include turbine blades for the engine technology in the aviation industry. These components have extreme temperatures and withstand the forces and are therefore made from particularly hard steel alloys (eg Inconel). “For these parts, we have developed machines that are now in the production halls with many well-known manufacturers. The economic benefits resulting from the processing with ECM and PECM, were confirmed by a study of the RWTH Aachen, moreover, “explains Keller.

Also present at the open day the Laboratory for Machine Tools was (WZL) of the RWTH Aachen. It presented the results of the investigations of the working group Electrical discharge machining (EWC), which confirm their productivity and profitability. Right in a border area of ​​machining, must be processed in the extremely hard alloys, such as the aforementioned turbine blades or blisks, PECM is a real alternative. “PECM has three distinct advantages that are expressed ultimately in lower costs: First there is the high tool life. Since the tool is not mechanically affected, the tools wear out as good as not. Second advantage is that the process stream. PECM usually leads to very good surface, so that any necessary post-processing can be significantly reduced. , And three advantage is the scalability of the process. With the appropriate size of the component it is easily possible to process a larger number of components simultaneously. Especially the latter advantage has prompted us to develop a new machine that optimizes this processing advantage – the MPM “said Richard Keller

world novelty MPM

On the day open House was the visitors also a world first: the MPM. MPM is multi-process module and takes full advantage of the ECM technology in a machine together. “The MPM is an extremely compact production machine that is consistently designed for high volume series production, for example, for the mass production of injectors. the machine is loaded with this pallet carriers, on which there are several blanks. More must not do that, the rest is done automatically, “explains Keller. The machine is equipped with four ECM stations, on the back several workpieces are machined simultaneously in each case. The loading of the stations via a portal. The clock is optimized so that after loading the last ECM station the first can already be discharged again. With a cross slide, the workpieces are transported to the other side of the machine. Here provides another portal for loading the washing stations, where the workpieces are first cleaned and then preserved. Then, the loading of the pallet for the finished parts, which can then be easily removed from the unloading takes place. “With the MPM we thus achieve extremely fast cycle times per workpiece and are therefore absolutely competitive with conventional methods – only that our machine does not need to be constantly stopped to switch tools, explains Keller. Consequently,

The ECM and PECM technology has enormous potential to provide conventional manufacturing processes to the head and to revolutionize the manufacturer. “We are convinced that what we have shown here today, only the tip of the iceberg is. More and more engineers and production planners to know the capabilities of the technology and ask us to. to find innovative solutions, that’s our motivation and our passion here at Emag ECM “, Keller concludes,” and the open day here in Gaildorf has shown us that people from around the world who can be infected by this passion. ”


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