Wednesday, November 18, 2015

With safety technology at the right touches – Electrical

In the Tool grinding the Ulmer Werkzeugschleiftechnik the safety-related functions are to be performed at no extra safe control. With the Safety-Bridge technology from Phoenix Contact is a flexibly configurable and easily manageable solution available that meets these and other requirements.

Ulmer Werkzeugschleiftechnik develops and manufactures grinding machines, which can be produced precision tools. Headquartered in Ulm-Einsingen Since 1999 company that was founded in 1859 from the company JE Reinecker emerged, has specialized for many years in high-performance multi-axis machine tools and cylindrical grinders. The machines of the types WZS (Tool Grinder), RS (cylindrical grinder) and SF (finishing machine) are designed under one roof, manufactured, assembled and put into operation. The production of finished parts and assembly of the machine takes over the sister company Ulmer machine parts. Latest CAD technology and CNC machines are used to implement market-driven solutions quickly. The service and technical support are also made directly from Ulm-Einsingen made by 55 employees. National and international sales offices ensure closeness to the customer.

The high-speed peel grinding is characterized by the use of 5 mm wide super abrasive discs whose cutting speed is up to 140 m / s. The workpiece is clamped generally between centers, so that the entire length can be machined in one setting in Konturzugverfahren. Further advantages of the process are the high removal rates at very short cycle times, the small wheel wear and the great flexibility in creating the geometries with a standard disc shape.

Non-secure and secure signals in the standard control visible

In all types of machines is the CNC platform of NUM AG used. Therefore, the designers of Ulm were looking for a concept for implementing safety-related functions without additional safety control. The safety signals should be transmitted over the existing standard CAN bus system. Another requirement was that both the secure and the non-safe signals in the standard controller of NUM are visible.

In this context, the Safety-Bridge Technology (SBT) provides from Phoenix Contact, which has proved its benefits for several years in numerous applications to the test. SBT meets the highest safety requirements of current standards IEC 61508 Ed2, IEC 62061 and EN 13849-1. Since they can perform in accordance with the new Machinery Directive, all safety-related tasks without a central safety control, the solution is particularly suitable for applications in which the network-enabled security technology from the central specialized control – to be separated – as the CNC controller from NUM.

Flexible configuration via the Safeconf tool

The Safety-Bridge technology is used to protect all types of machines. The SBT components inherit all security-related functions here. Besides the typical emergency stop monitoring functions protection doors must be safely monitored and locked and unlocked. In addition, setup and service functions are sure to select and monitor loading doors.

Another requirement exists in various releases for pneumatics and hydraulics and coolant. Because these safety-related functions are partially in temporal or time-delayed relationship, the flexible configuration via the software tool Safeconf significantly simpler than a hard-wired solution with safety switching components. For additional potential-free switching off the supply voltage of the servo drives, hydraulic and coolant Ulmer uses a decentralized output module with built-in safety relay.


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