Monday, November 2, 2015

CureVac Receives cash injection: interest in the technology is rising again – Handelsblatt

Curevac is considered a pioneer in the field of RNA research and cooperates in the field, among other things also with pharmaceutical companies, including Boehringer Ingelheim and Johnson & amp; Johnson. RNA acts within the cells as a sort of translator molecule which ensures to convert genetic information into proteins. To date, there are no drugs on the RNA base on the market. The molecules were for pharmaceuticals by applying long as too unstable. Curevac-founder Ingmar Hoerr developed 90s but methods to stabilize it and thus to make potentially useful as pharmaceutical agents or vaccines.

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The Tübingen-based company uses the technology hitherto especially so-called cancer vaccine develop, which should activate the immune system against tumor cells. The most advanced is a potential vaccine against prostate cancer, which is the second of three clinical trial phases.

The interest of the pharmaceutical industry at the RNA technology has increased after prolonged skepticism recently again significantly. Some analysts estimate that it could lead to a new class of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Moreover immunotherapeutic approaches currently generally provide for considerable furore. Because they have the view of many physicians the potential to improve the treatment of cancer significantly.

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It is hoped, among other things, RNA vaccine in combination with other immunotherapeutic agents use that are currently in development. It is, for example, the alliance agreed Curevac last year with Boehringer Ingelheim in the field of lung cancer.

The cooperation with the Gates Foundation on the other hand is mainly aimed to develop novel RNA vaccines for use in developing countries. Such vaccines are easier to produce and more heat resistant than classic vaccines and therefore also particularly interesting for tropical countries with inadequate health infrastructure. Within this cooperation Curevac work includes vaccines against AIDS and tuberculosis.


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