Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The technology medical robotic capsules is now open source – ü

Two years ago, researchers at the School of Engineering received a subsidy over a million dollars from the National Science Foundation to develop the capsule robot. The devices are now small enough to be swallowed by the patient.

For the hardware and software, the researchers built a Development Kit, which can be used free of charge. Other scientists can use it to develop their own medical capsule robot without having to start from scratch.

Pietro Valdastri, director of Vanderbilt’s Science and Technology of Robotics in Medicine Lab, said that different capsule designs already fully developed would. One of the abdomen, another for the intestine and with surgical clamp to stop bleeding to one.

That sounds less post-operation scars and for more new treatment options in the future. We are already excited for what developments the open source decision will be in charge.


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