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M2M, industry 4.0 IoT: Bluetooth technology 2016 – funkschau

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               Markus Kien, funkschau (source: Bluetooth SIG)

            The Technology Roadmap 2016 Bluetooth Special Interest Group revolves around the Internet of Things: Longer range, higher speed and mesh networking are on the agenda .

                  Source: © Bluetooth SIG

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) provides highlights of its technology roadmap for 2016, which focuses on Extensions of the Bluetooth functionality of the Internet of Things (Internet of Things, IOT) are. Among the most important technological updates a longer range, higher speed and mesh networking will count. . The further development of Bluetooth are primarily the fast growing sectors such as smart home, industrial automation, location-based services and intelligent infrastructures benefit

From the announced expansions, the growing number of IoT applications will benefit, it says:

  • The range of Bluetooth Smart will be increased by four times, and so the change intelligent home and infrastructure applications fundamentally. In addition therefore to eliminate erweitertete, robust connection for “Full-Home” – or outdoor applications are available
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  • An increase in the rate to one hundred percent, without increasing energy consumption, not only allows faster data transmission in mission-critical applications such as medical equipment, but also increases responsiveness and reduces latency.

  • With mesh networking Bluetooth-enabled devices are in future to be able to connect with each other as networks that cover so that an entire building or home. This fundamentally new home and industrial automation applications opens.


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