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Purchase: Apple assumes Star Wars technology company FaceShift – WinFuture

 Apple, acquisition, Face Detection, Face Shift Source: FaceShift
Apple has reportedly bought the new small Swiss company FaceShift. The company currently provides the motion capture technology that for many special effects in the seventh part of Star Wars: The Force is responsible Awakens. “);} else {adsrv (” zoneid = 360 “, true); confirmed}

Just two months ago, there had been rumors to now Apple taking over. When this has now taken place, is currently unclear. Since June, at least, the young company, both companies has quite withdrawn. give no further details. On request of the News page TechCrunch Apple buying appreciated only with a standard opinion. So . it is said that Apple “from time to time small business buys and generally not related future plans speak” FaceShift FaceShift shows the possibilities of the technology on its website.

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FaceShift offers an eponymous program, are recognized by a motion capture method, first the facial features of a real actor , For this purpose, a special camera setup for recording the movements is necessary. Facial expressions and gestures are collected and adapted from the computer to a virtual figure. With the method, the Swiss get realistic looking Fantasy characters who impress with their perfect gesture. In addition, its implementation should be particularly detailed. What is to afford the new technology able, for example, in the forthcoming seventh episode of Star Wars, “The awakening of power” (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) can be seen.

‘) Apple already has a number of its own patents in the field of motion capture, augmented reality and facial recognition. For this, the iPhone manufacturers have acquired in recent years a number of technology that had introduced interesting innovations in these areas.

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In everyday use, the new technology could be used for example in the next iPhone generations: Then although not necessarily with the special effects, but for example in the field of face recognition.

What’s up with Apple, meanwhile FaceShift, is not public. Insofar as it has brought in TechCrunch experience FaceShift employees from Zurich have been working outside Europe for Apple.

Apple, acquisition, Face Detection, Face Shift Apple, acquisition, Face Detection, Face Shift FaceShift


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