Friday, November 6, 2015

Fintech ASURO relies on technology and consulting expertise –

. 6 November 2015, 9:12

Most insurance Fintechs offer a digital contract management. The Frankfurter Startup ASURO joins added with his new app. However, the policyholder can According to the seller can also examine its contracts with the app in addition and change.


Most Fintechs are still in a starting phase. It remains to be seen how they can change the market .

Basically, can the insurance customer manage the digital supply of ASURO policies of different insurers directly through their smartphone.

technology and consulting expertise

In addition, damage could be easily reported and emergency help, an integrated emergency guide. The users also have, according to ASURO the possibility to be contacted via App chat with a personal adviser.

The Technical Director of ASURO, Steffen Otte, sees the combination of technology and consulting expertise as asuros unique selling point on the market. “Technologically explore many solutions from the digital maximum The limit of digitization shows However, often when personal care is needed. This is where we come in. “

As a result, the customer can also check via the app its contracts and can be changed. The identification and the closing of gaps in risk protection would be supported. (nl)

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