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             Xaar is the world since 25 years in the industrial inkjet technology leader. The company shows the versatility and flexibility of its innovative technology for a wide range of industrial applications on the Inprint 2015 (Munich, November 10 to 12 2015).

Xaar is his 25-year leadership in industrial inkjet technology with provide a strong presence at this fair to the test and demonstrate its new products and applications. Xaar will hold during Inprint conference program presentations to two key areas of industrial printing solutions. Packaging and Industrial 4.0

Since the company was founded in 1990 Xaar’s printhead technology of choice for a wide range of industrial production applications in respect on cost reduction, waste reduction and increasing process efficiency. Today the latest Xaar 1002 printhead with a patented TF Technology ™ is unrivaled in terms of its print quality and reliability in high volume production environments. He comes in various markets for use as industrial 4.0, Direct-to-Shape-packaging printing, label printing, decorative laminates and the decorating glass and ceramic tiles. Manufacturers know that the printhead Xaar 1002 even under harshest operating conditions provides excellent performance while decorating, designing, applying functional coatings or applying a pattern on a variety of industrial and commercial products.

Xaar is in Hall 6A, Stand A32 exhibit an array of products, including the newly introduced Xaar print Published system.

The system includes the Xaar 1002 family of high-precision industrial printheads, enabling owners of analog label presses, the advantages of the single-pass inkjet printing simple and economical to . use

The Xaar print Published system is versatile, easy to configure and ideal for bespoke prints, prints variable data, special effects and small print runs for many different applications such as labels and packaging. This system can handle a wide range of inks and fluids such as spot colors, protective coatings, high solid spot varnishes, highly pigmented white as under- and Oberfabe with high opacity, cold foil glue, metallic colors etc.

Xaar is also exciting new Applications highlighting that are possible by TF Technology ™. This patented ink circulation system ensures that the print head Xaar 1002 may deal well with difficult fluids, especially in ultra-modern high-tech production applications.

On the Inprint 2015 printing of glass covers for smartphones and tablets, for example, demonstrated. Other exhibition examples are antenna patterns and printed circuits, which can be produced in large numbers on ITO-coated PET or glass with nanoparticulate silver inks.

The printhead Xaar 501GS8 is also on display. The Xaar 501 is designed for high quality printing large outdoor signage or interior signage is equipped with the Xaar Precision Plus architecture. Precision Plus, which is based on the successful and proven Hybrid Side Shooter ™ architecture in the Xaar 1002 enables uniform droplet formation over the entire printing width, thus providing an exceptional print quality for stunning graphics safely. The Xaar 501 GS8 is the first in our print head row, using the Precision Plus architecture. While the first version was actually aimed at the optimization of the graphics market, many of the Xaar are 501 functions for a range of industrial applications.

“The Inprint fair is a great platform for Xaar,” Richard Barham said Xaar Chief Customer Officer. “Process engineers who are looking for the latest technology to increase production efficiency, are looking particularly for what role the Xaar inkjet technology plays in many industrial processes. Xaar leads the industrial inkjet market for 25 years because of its extremely versatile and robust technology. Therefore some very interesting examples of our technology will be seen in action on the Inprint. “

Xaar technology drives the OEM innovation forward

A number of OEM are innovative solutions for a variety show applications that contain all Xaar printheads 1002nd

(Booth B61) will present dimension for direct printing on objects, including those with curved surfaces a new four-color version of 4D digital printing solution jetmaster. JetSet Industrial (E01) will present GATE, a new open platform for industrial and OEM inkjet integration. Your system for Xaar-based will be printed at the fair metal for a variety of applications. Other noteworthy products Xaar OEMs include the new modular system DIGI 5 Bergstein Digital BV (F29) for the product pressure, the seven-part, digital Industrial Printer series Jupiter (A31) from Hymmen for laminates and the n-jet lab Portal System of Notion Systems . (D19) for technical applications

Other Xaar partners at Inprint are the UV Härtungsspezialisten Integration Technologies and the ink suppliers. Agfa, Collins Inkjet, INX Digital, Nazdar, Sunjet and Tritron

Xaar speakers at the conference will discuss the Inprint remarkable capabilities of inkjet printing, which will change the processes in the industry of the packaging to automotive accessories manufacturers. The presentation by Mark Ritchie Future Technological Developments for inkjet and Advanced Manufacturing Technology focuses on the future functional rather than decorative aspects of inkjet printing in manufacturing applications.

Mark Alexander again spoke in his presentation To be or not to BE? A true story of inkjet in packaging on the inkjet packaging printing. In addition, Xaar sponsors the lecture Pushing the Boundaries of Inkjet Applications in which Professor Neil Hopkinson, director of the Sheffield University Centre for Advanced Additive Manufacturing, the participants eyes regarding the role of generative production in the commercial production of high-quality, technical components and mass production opens high-quality, FMCG.

          The company develops and distributes ink, ink systems and electronics and provides a fluid optimization service in order to accelerate the development and introduction of inkjet systems. Xaar printheads feature patented technology that offers unmatched performance in decorating, designing, applying functional coatings or applying a pattern on a variety of industrial and commercial products. Today choose leading worldwide manufacturers in various industries of pottery, large format graphics and labeling to Direct-to-Shape-packaging and laminate flooring printheads from Xaar, because these printheads extremely precise, extremely versatile, incredibly reliable and are designed for mass production. For more information about Xaar is available here



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