Sunday, November 8, 2015

Intel Skylake: “Speedshift” technology comes in the fall for Windows 10 – PC Games Hardware

In collaboration between Microsoft and Intel will this autumn a Windows 10 update to be delivered, which was originally presented “Speed ​​Shift ‘can be used with the technology Skylake processors. The operating system can be in favor of the efficiency so that the processor parts of the processor control.

Even at the beginning of Skylake roadmap had Intel “Speed ​​Shift “presented, the only problem was: The technology has been supported by any operating system. Using Speed ​​Shift, it is possible that, left to the operating system at least portions in some cases the complete control of the P-states of the processor to the processor itself. The processor can thus control voltage and frequency itself, which amounts provides a number of benefits.

When comparing the control by operating system and by the processor, it is noticeable that the processor is much faster here, the clock completely to go up or the way down. While under test conditions with OS-control it took about 120 milliseconds, to clock the clock of 1 GHz to 3.5 GHz, the processor needed for its control just over 60 milliseconds, is almost half. In addition, the processor has a much more accurate control of yourself, so it works better, to find the optimal timing depending on the requirement. Accordingly, efficient and energy-saving processor is characterized. These findings made Brett Howse, editor at

The Windows 10 update, which makes the speed shift function available was probably originally planned already for the 2nd November this year, apparently has Microsoft this deadline is not met. Exactly when the fall update will appear, thus remains open. A support staff had indeed mentioned in Microsoft’s support forum November 10, this contribution was, however, now removed. What is clear, however, that Intel Skylage series total mastered a more efficient energy management, therefore only a few users should be in urgent need of Speed ​​Shift



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