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Angela Merkel and Federal Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen, on Friday in the German Bundestag. (Photo: AP)

Often EU leaders declare that things are now so complicated that we must rely on expert opinions. In the case of the relationship of Turkey to IS the facts are very simple to understand. The facts are otherwise in months known: The DWN already reported in August about the commercial interests of the West in the region

First:. Terror-financing through oil smuggling

Two scientists from the University of Greenwich, London, have now submitted a scientific study which shows that the oil business of the IS via Turkey runs. The study, titled “The goal of the IS to global crude oil markets” is particularly serious because the authors avoid any kind of speculative or political hypotheses. They write that they expressly have no evidence that the Erdogan government is aware of the oil business of IS. But this “caveat” is nothing more than an overture to an incorruptible Factual Representation, demonstrate the George Kiourktsoglou and Alec Coutroubis what is actually played.

The IS shipped accordingly its oil from the Turkish port of Ceyhan, near the city of Adana. Ceyhan is located less than two hours away from the US airbase in Incirlik. The oil terminal is operated by the state-owned Turkish Botas International Limited (BIL). The researchers have discovered an anomaly: Unlike the other trade routes, the oil exports from Ceyhan in the years 2014 and 2015 unusual tips from. These have always arise if the IS to certain oil assets in the region had more fight: The first peak coincides with the conquest of the biggest Syrian oilfield AIOmar by the IS in July 2014. The second peak was found in October and November 2014, as fierce battles raged around the gas fields year and Mahr. The third tip came in January and February 2015 when the US air strikes the IS brought in Hamija under pressure, in the struggle for the oil region of Kirkuk.

The explanation of the researchers: “It seems that whenever the IS is fighting in a region with oil assets that exports from Ceyhan to rise immediately. This could be related to that new revenue for the IS to be generated by these Extra-exports, which are urgently needed for the financing of munitions and military equipment . “

The Russian president Vladimir Putin, who, unlike the researchers, does not mince his words are said, according to the state broadcaster RT, the Russian Enlightenment had led to the following conclusions: “Day and night driving tank trucks to Turkey. They come from the controlled by the IS area fully loaded, and they come back empty again. “You can see in the reconnaissance images” vehicles transporting oil, in a column that extends up over the horizon. “

The Russians have started with the bombing of these trucks because they want to prevent the financing of terrorists. The Americans have also bombed tanker trucks in previous attacks. 45 minutes before the attack they have, however, dropped leaflets, with whom they have warned drivers and asked them to get to safety. The Americans claim to know with certainty that these drivers have nothing to do with the IS. For Putin are those that help the IS in its financing, “accomplices” – it’s not hard to guess that Putin meant the Turkish government. Erdogan has rejected the accusation angry and Putin asked to provide evidence for his claim. It is not known whether Erdogan knows the Greenwich study. It is known that his son operates several ship company. It is also known that Erdogan has appointed his son as the new Minister of Energy

Second. Cooperation between Turkey and the IS

The investigative website Undercover Info has meticulously Facts of cooperation listed. For every detail, there are sources that can be found on the website. The highly readable report comes from the director of the Program for Peace Research at Columbia University, David L. Phillips

In summary, Phillips comes to the following conclusions:.

The Turkey supplies military equipment to the IS
Turkey has the IS-fighters grants logistical support
Turkey has IS fighters trained
Turkey granted the IS-fighters medical care
Turkey supports the IS in financing by buying cheap oil from IS The
Turkey supports the IS in recruiting fighters
Turkish army units fighting on the side of the IS
Turkey has the IS in the battle for Kobane supports
Turkey and IS share the same Weltanschauung

Especially the last point is interesting. Hürriyet quotes leading AKP politicians should have said they would rather have the IS as a neighbor than the PKK. An ACP leaders posted on Facebook: “Fortunately, there are the IS. Let them never run out of ammunition. “A Turkish social stationery used with the IS logo. Erdogan’s son Bilal and Turkish official meeting with IS-fighters.

These facts are enough common sense to make a deal, like him, the EU is planning under the leadership of Angela Merkel with Erdogan, immediately to stop. You are publicly known and easily understood. They are serious enough to ask the German Chancellor, if she wants all seriousness remit billions of taxpayers’ money to a regime whose relationship must be elucidated to terrorism urgently.

Because it consists of more than reasonable suspicion, that European taxpayers because of the planned “Refugee Deals” on detours to sponsors of the allegedly dangerous terrorist network in the world . Of course, no one knows who is really behind the IS. The fighter always appear disguised. Your video messages are of excellent technical quality, just as if they were made in Hollywood. The speakers speak without an accent, American English

It is becoming increasingly clear why Putin has embarked on a war in Syria. With the IS and its backers is in the Middle East new, more powerful player emerged in international oil business. This is unacceptable for Russia because the Russians will not come in the long run with the low price of oil to the edge. It is idle to complain that Russia has its economy is not sufficiently diversified and therefore now needs to take up arms in order to protect its economy from collapse.

The supposedly humanistic pathos with which Merkel has been engaged for the refugees, now an ice-cold political consideration must yield : It is not the military deployment of the Bundeswehr in Syria will end the crime of expulsion of hundreds of thousands. But a realpolitik that makes financiers and accomplices of terrorists apprehended and stops.

The EU helpless longing for a quick fix and sees Erdogan their Savior. This is a capital fallacy: If the EU agrees to trafficking, the IS will continue until the region is ethnically cleansed. The European values ​​undertake Merkel and the EU, precisely to prevent this.

However, the EU is of convenience and domestic political calculus in the dirty war involve, making them directly complicit in the plight of refugees . The EU and the chancellor have to take political responsibility. You can no longer act of NATO, left the intelligence services and the US neocons. Stay up further driven, Europe will for years to come for accomplices of villains. The bill for such a failure will be written in blood, of a new generation of terrorists who are active in Europe. They will also not be of a “Fortress Europe” hold. It is still not too late to prevent the fiasco. But there remain only a few hours.


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