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Q-Cells Co. Ltd. and 1366 Technologies announced on 04.11.2015 announced that they were able to increase the efficiency of solar cells based on wafers of 1366 by 1.4% in just seven months.

The two companies have signed a strategic partnership in March 2015 in order jointly of 1366 to develop the Direct Wafer technology further. The efficiency, which still amounted to 17.7% in March, could already be increased in October 2015 to 19.1%.

This value was confirmed independently by Fraunhofer ISE. The efficiency improvement of 1.4% in only 7 months clearly shows how much potential put in the combination of the unique technologies of the two companies, emphasizes Q-Cells.

On the basis of multicrystalline wafers of 1366 Technologies has Q-Cells employed at its headquarters for technology, innovation and quality in Germany his Q.ANTUM-cell process in the pilot line.

“The current results demonstrate the potential of 1366 lies in the combination of direct wafer technology with our unique Q.ANTUM technology,” said Daniel Jeong, Global R amp; D Head of Q-Cells.

Direct-wafer process enables to break through the technological limits of conventional wafer fabrication

“Together, we can move the boundaries efficiency multicrystalline solar cells and at the same time significantly reduce the cost. We continue to work together towards our goal, which ripen Direct Wafer technology of 1366 “.

“The breakthrough potential of Direct-wafer process is evident not only in the cost and material savings that it provides, but also in its ability to push the technological limits of conventional wafer break through production. The rapid and significant improvements in efficiency that we have achieved together with Q-Cells are, surpassed with the new wafer properties, which are only made possible by our process, “said Frank van Mierlo, CEO of 1366 Technologies.

The Q.ANTUM technology was invented by Q-Cells. The complex cell architecture is based on a backside passivation of the solar cell and includes numerous other technical features for maximum yields under real conditions.

Q.ANTUM ensures an increase in performance as well as improved performance at low temperatures and low sunlight, while providing all VDE-certified quality standards of Q CELLS, such as anti-PID, hot spot -protection and laser marking TRA.Q.

Hanwha’s innovative Q.ANTUM-cell technology achieved in the commercial mass production currently 19.5% efficiency based on conventional multi-wafer. In September 2015, the Q.PLUS-G4 Q.ANTUM module with the “Solar Industry Award 2015″ in the category “Innovation in module production” excellent.

With the Direct Wafer process of 1366 Technologies multicrystalline wafers are not manufactured as before in a multi-stage, energy- and cost-intensive process but formed directly from molten silicon. The result is an improved wafer, whose production costs are only half as high.

Another great benefit of this technology is that it is for 60 percent of the photovoltaic market a “drop-in” replacement. This means that manufacturers of solar cells and modules can take over this technology seamlessly and without new equipment.

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