Thursday, November 19, 2015

Reduce fears of Technology – Portal Liberal (press release)

11/19/2015 – 15:00

On November 17, discussed leading Free Democrats and technology experts over the “digital economic miracle”. At the event on the Laubenheimer height in Mainz FDP leader Christian Lindner pleaded for progress in infrastructure and in education. “Instead of the accelerator Germany slams on the brakes,” he stated. The panel was unanimous: “The digital possibilities are enormous, but they are not sufficiently utilized.”

In German classrooms took advantage compared to other countries, only a fraction of Teacher digital media, Lindner said. However, he experiences on his political travel in Germany also always good examples of digital equipment and applications. Less nice thing about traveling: the existing gaps in the digital infrastructure. When he was traveling in Rhineland-Palatinate, he could not a single phone call lead without interruption to be, because in the meantime no power is available, the FDP leader. In Eastern Europe, however you sit on a nationwide fiber optic network.

Even Volker Wissing, FDP state leader in Rhineland-Palatinate, demanded more speed for broadband expansion. It also called for a discussion about higher data protection standards and the anonymity of private data. In his view, the collection of data would have to be a flat rate not forbidden – rather, it was important to ensure the self-determination of users about their data. The Free Democrat cited the positive example for data collecting cancer therapy. So can today through collection of as much information as a tumor very precisely irradiated.


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