Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Aigner in Tehran: Bayerische healthcare technology for Iran – Bayerischer Rundfunk

Of this there was nothing in the documents of the Minister, as Ilse Aigner was received with a part of the delegation of the Ministry of Health in Tehran: The Bayern to build a new hospital in Iran and also take over the management. There are some medium-sized companies in the Free State who specializes in such projects. When desire for technology transfer, the government in Tehran is thinking of course primarily to Siemens. Board member Siegfried Russwurm discussed the direction in which it should go:

“Hospitals in the area, and for those requirements: a few university hospitals with high competence, where nothing is missing technologically, the doctors are trained there internationally, but also many satellite hospitals that you then you can connect through telemedicine and digital methods. This is exactly what this country needs, and what you can very well develop in this country. And we want to build our cooperation. “

Siemens board member Siegfried Russwurm

In Iran, the Health Minister has traditionally been a doctor. German companies that want to produce locally, benefit from tax and customs benefits. Particularly interesting is the land of vaccines. Which are produced in Bavaria.

Because of the international sanctions Iran for many years was economically isolated. But for the humanitarian sector – ie the health service – was not for that. Therefore, Siemens Medical was able to maintain their commercial relationships.

In addition, the BMW Group’s Munich now also benefits from the Iranian health reform. In the country 80 million people; of which 10 million were additional health insurance in recent years. This also means more hospitals and clinics


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