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Thanks to 3D technology: This vintage comes from the printer – BLICK.CH

 The race car classic play

The race car classic “Type C” was manufactured by Audi in 3D printers.


Thanks to 3D technology This vintage comes from the printer

Ingolstadt (D) – The German automaker Audi revives an old Grand Prix classics again. But the vehicle from the 1930s, is not simply screwed together in the workshops. It will be printed

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The Grand Prix sports car type C was in 1936 as the most successful German racing car überaupt. The legendary model comes from a time when Audi vehicles manufactured Union under the name Auto. Nearly 80 years later, let the South German carmaker revive the Type C again – thanks to the latest technology

On a scale of 1: 2 of the runabout was namely not bolted together about tedious and welded, but without further ado simply printed out.. Thanks to a 30-kW electric motor, the engineers were able to even venture a first jaunt through the production halls.

For the production of the car, the laser of the 3D printer brings the so-called “selective sintering” metallic powder to melt and moves then into any desired shape. This is exactly in accordance with Audi also the great advantage of the new method. The process was working well with very complex components which can only with difficulty or not be produced by conventional production steps. The quality of the printed metal parts should be better than those of die-cast or hot-formed.

All body parts made of metal, ie for example the bonnet or the instrument panel have been made with the printer. A small flaw, the 3D printer from Audi but still. To date can be created with a maximum length of 24 centimeters and a height of 20 centimeters with the device only parts. This is probably also explains why one has the type C printed at Audi only in mini format.

The technical milestone for Audi comes just at the right time. He draws a bit off the exhaust scandal involving the parent company VW, Audi in the well should be involved. (cat)

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