Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Google thought leader Jared Cohen: “Technology is not a panacea” – Handelsblatt

Jared Cohen in the Handelsblatt interview

“I do not think that the state is unnecessary”

(Photo: www. marco-urban.de)

Berlin The date for his visit to Berlin has Jared Cohen deliberately chosen. The trained historian wanted to be in the German capital on the day the Berlin Wall fell 26 years ago exactly. But speeches wants the mastermind of Google Ideas about a revolution that could change the world as much as the end of the Cold War. The Digital Revolution
Mr Cohen, direct the think tank of Google , What innovation will change our world most?
Many talk at the moment of the progress that we make in the artificial intelligence. For me, the most exciting development is the machine learning (“Machine Learning”), which we already use in the online advertising and in Internet search.


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