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“Software has eaten the world”: Why Technology long world events dictated [column]

For many years, a quote from Netscape inventor Marc Andreessen as an unofficial motto of digitalization applies: “Software is eating the world”. Martin Weigert argued in his column Weigert’s World, that this principle must be adapted a little bit today.

” Software has eaten the world “

I find it increasingly difficult, in columns for digitizing not to refer to current, relevant news, social, political or sociological developments. Clear: It is happening also just incredible how much in the world. But I have another explanation for my determination

In 2011, proclaimed Netscape inventor and Silicon Valley investor Marc Andreessen in “Wall Street Journal”:. “Software is eating the world”. Today, five years later, I take the liberty to modify its motto: “Software has eaten the world.”

Daesh has terrorism in the software era reinvented

Without software w & # XE4; re also the Fl & # xFC; chtlingskrise v & # XF6; run totally different (Photo: Janossy Gergely /
Without software, the refugee crisis would have been completely different. (Photo: Janossy Gergely /

Little signifcant happened today without software and the Internet exemplify a critical, and often play the decisive role. That is the reason why can be observations to technological progress increasingly difficult separate from other events of world history. A few recent examples:

  • The refugee crisis would without smartphones and it installed chat apps and map applications have been very different. People who have to flee from their homeland communicate via WhatsApp & amp; Co. with companions and loved ones at home. One must assume that hundreds of thousands in recent months, therefore, the associated with many hardships route from Afghanistan and Syria to Europe competed because about messaging apps have led them in mind sent text messages, photos and videos, that the chances of getting through are good and the step will be worthwhile despite all the dangers.
  • Daesh (IS) uses the power of the Internet and social networks such as any terrorist organization earlier. Only thanks to social media platforms and (encrypted) messengers, the group is able to recruit members worldwide in a very short time, sympathizers to scratch around and to spread fear and terror. Cynical could be stated:. Daesh has terrorism in networked software era reinvented
  • In the VW-exhaust scandal that could force to its knees in the worst case one of the most important symbols of the industrial beach town Germany, it comes to rigged Software.
  • Populist movements like civil Pegida use social networks and relevant “alternative” online media services to the organization, radicalization and identity formation. The digital filter bubble of sympathizers ensures that opposing viewpoints and verifiable facts do not destabilize the ideological foundation of the movement.
  • Russian annexation of the Crimea and the subsequent geopolitical conflict polarize. A key reason for this: disinformation campaigns aimed mainly Russia, but probably also other countries, paid under systematic use trolls online influence public opinion. To give a layman a picture of what and what is truth propaganda, seemed and seems especially in this conflict to be more difficult than ever.

pass through Software developments increasingly exponentially

mass migrations, terrorism, corporate frauds, populist citizen movements and political disinformation although there was always. But in the software era extend the processes for new, often seemingly opaque patterns whose handling poorly or not work with proven recipes. The consequences of individual events are difficult to predict in advance, and are usually only visible when the momentum is already unstoppable. Many triggered actions occur in fast motion. The consequences are often, as Nico Lumma explained recently in a wonderful contribution, exponentially and globally.

At the bottom of behavior of people and institutions will change little. The game remains in its fundamentals the same as always. But the rules are different. Rewritten software. Software – took control of the major events on earth – even without the much-touted artificial intelligence. People act in the context of what the software permits, and on the basis of what it permits.

The policy however is to be found increasingly in the role of passive observer again, which always seem to be one step too late.

That’s what I mean when I write: “. Software has eaten the world”

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