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When it comes to computer science, remain still millions of girls and women from the outside. Although the majority of Bachelor’s degrees by women is made less than 20 percent of them have a degree in computer science. The IT sector is on the subject of diversity is not as dynamic as one wants a

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In order to inspire girls and young women more for technology, a number of hurdles have to be overcome first. Already in childhood, the path away from science and technology is prepared: what researchers call a “Pinkification”. . Toys, clothing and job offers are still geared specifically to a particular gender

Choosing women but then to study in the IT sector, they are numerically very surpassed by men: 82 percent of men and 17 percent women studying a STEM subject. The lack of women who opt for a technical degree or an education, then also reflected in the labor force again. Between 1991 and 2004 the number of women in technology professions in the United States has fallen from 37 percent to 26 percent.

Fewer large companies are run by women than by men named John. – Justin Wolfers

Diversity Matters

Google has given in the past year even a study on diversity in the IT in order – Women Who Choose Computer Science – What Really Matters – that identifies a crucial point for the decision against technology occupations: the optics. Girl getting no positive role model by other girls or women in technology professions. A study of popular films in eleven countries for example, shows that less than 20 percent of it occurring roles should be filled with informatics or technology related by women.

In addition, many women are initially intimidated by the IT industry, as this is as much male-dominated. This in turn means that technology occupations are perceived negatively by girls and women:

 Women Who Choose Computer Science - What Really Matters

Source: Women Who Choose Computer Science – What Really Matters

The lack of women in IT jobs leads not only to a lack of diversity, but also to lack of skilled workers: The demand for computer specialists exceeds the meantime the number of suitable graduates to multiples


As Google itself in terms of diversity somewhat. lagging behind – in May 2015 were only 30 percent of employees women – the search giant has launched a number of initiatives to life, the girls are to introduce them to the program and the technology industry. The Code Project “Made with code” and the animated series “Miles from Tomorrow Land” and “The Fosters” to girls delight due to positive role models for the technology.

For more up to the eighth grade are 74 percent of girls interested in STEM subjects, while opt from class 9 at the high school only 0.3 percent of such a specialist. Somewhere along the way so lost the interest and passion for science and technology – and that must change. Important factors that may mitigate the loss, the encouragement from family and friends, a positive self-image, academic support and the understanding of IT as a potential career goal.

If we can inspire girls to See That code can help them pursue Their passions, whatever They may be, then hopefully theywill begin to contribute Their voices to the field of technology for the benefit of us all.

In order to promote these elements, Google supports the excellent documentary filmmaker Lesley Chilcott and her next film “CODE GIRL”. “CODE GIRL” accompanied a global business and Coding contest of Technovation where take 5,000 girls from 60 countries. In three months, the girls need to develop an app that is intended to solve a social problem. The winners will receive a cash prize of $ 10,000. Through the project, as many girls are to be addressed and inspired so eventually more women are underrepresented in technology professions.

The film can be seen until the theatrical release on November 5 for free on YouTube. Anyone wishing to support the project, which can do #rallyforcodegirl among others using the hashtag.

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