Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The new 20-euro bill milestone in banknote technology – Germany Kultur

From Michael Brown

The new 20-euro banknote (imago / Becker & amp; Bredel)

From today, Wednesday at a new 20-euro banknotes will be put into circulation. In the euro zone 4.3 billion new notes were printed – with globally unique security features. Counterfeiters had already dug propagated over the old twenties

Perhaps it is with the new 20 as recently the orders of:.. The ticket machine accepts the bill, but spits off immediately

A Shopping at the vending machine was on day one is not possible with the new bill.

but could also turn out differently. Because the machine manufacturers should have reprogrammed your sensors:

“votes for this may be the fact that the new banknotes could be borrowed for a period of nine months for testing purposes from this company again.”

Says Carl-Ludwig Thiele, the Executive Board member responsible for the cash of the Bundesbank. People in the euro zone get the new bill today via ATMs and bank counters in the hands. He remains blue. And the stylized gates and portals show again the Gothic pointed arch. But who is looking from the front of the new 20-euro note, looks right above a small window. Against the light, peeping out of there the symbol of Europe. She does well, if you turn the bill on the back. Thiele is whether this new security feature over the moon:

“With the new 20-euro banknotes in the euro system a milestone in banknote technology succeeded because there is a window in the bill. . And with this window portrait hologram was introduced another innovative safety feature in comparison with the 5- and 10-euro banknote. And the technology behind it is the first time used worldwide for the production of a bill amount of this magnitude. “

numbers to magnitude: 4.3 billion new banknotes will be distributed from today, at the same time be little by little 3.3 billion old twenties the first series confiscated. So at least the 20s comes in significantly higher numbers than the old one. No wonder: There needs

“So, you want six Alsatian bread Gladly That would be 1.92 Euros please?..”

Add. Germany is traditionally happy with cash paid

In bakeries about cash is standard, says a saleswoman:

“There are also customers, especially people who are from abroad want to come and pay with cards like. So, in many bakeries, as well as with us, there is not the ability to pay by card. And that’s why people pay cash upon us. “

The retail knows that is often paid in Germany traditionally with cash. Nearly 80 percent of all transactions are conducted in cash. That depends on experiences and preferences from telling people who supplied just at the ATM with ready:

“I pay more by card now and then with cash So small things everything else… with Card: food, clothes with more card is easier, “

” I had a bar there times an experience that was debited from my account, with this PIN… Number Erspähung. And since it is for me that is the rule that I only work with cash. There is also a suspicion, yes. “

So can trace mistrust to Cash. Also, it is not for everyone, to produce data with the card. Markus Feck, financial legal expert of the Verbraucherzentrale NRW:

“I Publish virtually no motion profile as with a map, since you can already see from the locations, the one takes, whether it is now the department store. spot is or the restaurant where I move in detail. So the one who wishes to remain anonymous, who wants to leave behind a ‘motion profile’, is best served with the cash. “

Cash is obviously faked. Slightly more than 20,000 false 20-euro bills, the Bundesbank has been discovered in the first half, almost as much as in the entire previous year. The counterfeiters have already tried the new 5- and 10-euro notes. However, it should only have been cheap and easily recognizable as counterfeit color copies. The Euro system satisfies the need for cash in the future: Other new banknotes next 50s. The old remain valid.


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