Thursday, November 12, 2015

New 20-euro bill banknotes milestone of technology – Germany radio

remains blue. And the stylized gates and portals show again the Gothic pointed arch. But who is looking from the front of the new 20-euro note, looks right above a small window. Against the light, looking out there the symbol of Europe. She does well, if you turn the bill on the back. Bundesbank board member Carl Ludwig Thiele is whether this new security feature very excited: “With the new 20-euro banknote is the euro system a milestone in banknote technology succeeded because there is a window in the bill and with this window portrait hologram.. was introduced another innovative safety feature in comparison with the 5- and 10-euro banknote. And the technology behind it is the first time used worldwide for the production of a bill amount of this magnitude. “

The new 20-Euro -Geldschein is the third of the new, so-called Europe Series: Two years ago came the new five, last year the new Ten. From 25 November to banks and ATMs give out the new 20-euro bill, a total of 4.3 billion pieces in the euro zone. For years, had fiddled the security features of the new monetary central banks, printing and paper industry. Now it had to be brought into circulation, because the criminal competition was getting better. “The figures for the first half of the year that the forgeries have risen That is, at 20 euros, we have the first half of a bit more than 20,000 counterfeit The. was also one of the reasons why we went here in the new Money Series. “

The new 5- and 10-euro notes already took effect

The Counterfeiters also bought already tried the new 5- and 10-euro notes. You have but so far only able to produce cheap and readily recognizable as counterfeit color copies. The originals are significantly more complex: Sensible reliefs, a brilliant emerald figure that one up and migrating lightbar shows the tilting of the bill and can oscillate the coloring of the number of emerald green to deep blue. These security threads, under UV light visible, randomly interspersed tricolor fluorescent fibers and, and, and. All this, said Stefan Engelhardt, head of the central region of cash by the Bundesbank to moderate sounding Cost per ticket: “If you go through all denominations times and all central banks (meaning sic !,.. Notes, d Red) looks at, then is priced somewhere, I’d say, so at about ten cents, little under ten cents. “

The true value of the new bill therefore lies in the trust of the owner, that he make purchases worth 20 € can go. So that works out, the producers of monetary and vending machines had nine months advance copies of the bill available to adjust their sensors and equipment thereon. The acceptance of difficulties that had been shown two years ago at the new 5 euro note, therefore should not be repeated.

The recent euro banknotes remain incidentally valid and the passage of time taken out of circulation. The Bundesbank exchanges to also still old DM notes in euros.


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