Thursday, November 26, 2015

Apple invested in virtual reality – is one of the Star Wars technology which … – The Shareholders’

Apple continues to invest in the field of virtual reality (VR). After the Munich VR company Metaio already bought in May, the Californians have now taken over the start-up FaceShift as reports. The company has its headquarters in Zurich and specializes in face recognition. With the acquisition of entirely new worlds might open in the video calling for Apple.

FaceShift ensures real-time transmission of gestures and facial expressions of real people in virtual people that have been developed on the computer (called avatars). This technology is primarily used in film production. Thanks FaceShift it is possible for movie studios, cheaper and faster to produce, because the transmission works now much simpler. The company uses this a 3-D camera that records the grimaces of the real person, and a software that transmits in real time on a grid model. The Swiss company was responsible, for example, for the gestures and facial expressions of the characters in the new Star Wars movie.

has Lately the company is developing an app, by the way chat between avatars were possible. The advantage of the App: There are less data than a conventional video calling needs. Thus, the expression of the interlocutor is still recognized even with poor internet connection. Should Apple future transfer this technology into its video calling app “FaceTime”, which would greatly facilitate the video calling especially for users in rural areas.

Investing in Virtual Reality is hot right now. Besides Apple also Facebook, Google and Samsung are represented in this area. For iPhone users the FaceShift technology would enhance the video calling. The Apple stock is since weeks in the struggle for the 200-day line. An outbreak would create a new buy signal and could lead to high profits connection. New investors grow at a sustainable overcoming the signal line a


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