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Huawei provides quick-charge technology before – smartphone battery within … –

Huawei Quick Charge technology

Source: Huawei

The smartphone, tablet or the SmartWatch charge within five minutes or less – a dream for every owner of a mobile terminal. For Huawei, this is now no longer a daydream, but a reality. The Chinese group presented at the 56th Battery Symposium in Japan a new Quick-Charge technology before, the rapidly tiring batteries should put a stop to.


Smartphone batteries are extremely short-lived and in many cases are required to be connected to the end of the day to the electrical outlet. Huawei wants this problem now remedy:. In two videos, the group declared its new Quick-Charge technology, which can be applied for different mobile devices

On the one hand could be a battery with 600 mAh capacity, for example, can be found in a wearable, are loaded with the rapid charging technology within just two minutes on 68 percent. Even smartphones would benefit: If a device features a 3,000 mAh strong battery, it can be recharged in five minutes to just under 50 percent. In addition to in-house phones get with the quick-charge technology a battery life of approximately 10 hours.

According to Huawei by the quick charge function will not adversely affect the battery life. Meanwhile, the technology should be already so far advanced that Huawei and its partners will introduce the Quick Charging soon on the market. Thus, the Group would enter into direct competition with Samsung or Qualcomm and its Quick-Charge functions

Source:. Huawei (1) (2) via Techno Buffalo

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