Friday, November 13, 2015

City disseminated LED technology – Mittelbayerische



 As part of a campaign by the city and Osram Regensburg can exchange their old light bulbs for new ones.
By Daniel Geradtz, MZ

 . 13 November 2015
  16:57 clock


Regensburg The city has converted many years ago, now they want to stimulate the citizens to: On Friday afternoon opened Mayor Jürgen Huber under the campaign “Regensburg efficiently” an action stand where they could exchange their old light bulbs for free with new LED lamps.

“We need to remove reservations,” says Huber. It was important to show people that behind a “good technology is, with which you can also save electricity”.

Also Artur Grösbrink Osram notes often that people with LED technology are not yet quite familiar. He advises to focus on the purchase not only by the energy consumption given in watts. “They look rather to the lumen number.” You are the light brightness. The modern lamps are more efficient. They supply despite lower power consumption the same brightness.

The theme of Regensburg the energy transition has a high priority. “We have received a new heat pump for some time. Also dryer, refrigerator and last of the kettle were exchanged. We are well positioned for the future, “said a passerby.

Also for other visitors is not a priority to get free bulbs. You can clear up by the staff of the Environmental Office on the savings in the budget. The concern now more and more multimedia devices Grösbrink says.

On Saturday the action program goes into another round. Citizens can exchange up to three old light bulbs in the Danube Mall to their disposal will take care of the city between 10 and 13 clock. Overall, partners Osram 3000 new LED lamps are available.



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