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Sita Study: Airports are investing increasingly in IT technology – airliners.de

The airport operator will invest billions in their IT systems again this year. What do they spend the money, it is apparent from the current “Airport IT Trends Survey” of Sita, which has now been presented.

Even during the breaks, the participants examined the Sita Conference

Even during the breaks the participants of Sita conference examined” Forum 2015 “Athens in the conversation. © airliners.de / Gunnar Kruse

The Airports vacate world of information technology an increasingly important role in. According to a recent study by the IT provider Sita they will invest this year about 8.7 billion US dollars (the equivalent of approximately 7.9 billion euros) in this area. This corresponds to an average share of 6.25 percent at the airport revenues. Last year the figure was at 5.82 percent.

About the numbers the Sita informed now while their IT Conference “Europe Aviation ICT Forum 2015″ in Athens. At the event – was recorded in the presented inter alia, the “Airport IT Trends Survey 2015″ – airliners.de was invited with this

What the airports want to spend the money for the report identifies three favorites.. 73 percent of surveyed for the study airports designated improved processes in the passenger handling as particularly important. Thereafter, improved processes in flight movements follow (40 percent) and the issue of baggage (39 per cent).

Overall, it will be important for Sita-assessment in the next few years to make the airports “smarter”. The already increasingly networked passenger should be made even more enjoyable through various deals on smartphone and Co. of stay at the airport. This includes a stronger cooperation between airports and airlines in the use of data. So far, both parties are on this issue broadly divided.

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An exchange within the industry is currently the major challenge was also confirmed by the Germany boss of Sita, Michael Urban, on the edge of the forum in an interview with airliners.de. The general aim was to enhance the Community thought.

For example, give it the ideas and initiatives for collective Apps of airports and companies. Because of the complexity of the issue but could still take years before this would reality. “The problem is to bring all under one roof,” says Urban. Different areas from marketing to IT were integrate

Another important, and German airports in the future ‘issue were beacons. (English: “Beacon” or “flashing light”). Passengers are allowed About the small transmitter to address, for example, directly or direct passenger flows, Urban said. A INVESTMENT in this technology would also pay off for the airports: Who needs to wait as a passenger less, is satisfied – and are ultimately more money at the airport from

 © SITA, See also: Internet and indoor navigation conquer airport terminals

The trend towards beacon usage is also confirmed in the current IT Report of Sita. According to the study 80 percent of the airports will use the technology to transfer the passengers off a smartphone within the next three years. Almost exactly as many airports want to send in this way messages to the passengers.

Mobile services by 2018 also further expanded. To schedule 91 percent of the airport an app to navigate within the airport. And 83 percent want to provide their customers with real-time information, for example, to the waiting times at terminals.

For the “Airport IT Trends Survey 2015″ more than 220 airports were surveyed. The complete study – of Sita and the Airports Council International (ACI) has been worked out – there are here (registration required)  .

About Sita

Sita (Société Internationale de Télécommunication Aéronautique ) was founded in 1949 and is a service provider of integrated IT business solutions and communications services for the aviation industry, as well as for global transport companies, tour operators and government agencies. Meanwhile Sita is represented in roughly 200 countries. Its members include more than 430 members. Overall, it supplies about 2800 customers with IT solutions. The organization is not for profit; each member has the same owner. www.sita.aero


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