Thursday, November 5, 2015

Villingen-Schwenningen: Library informed about new technology – Black Bote

Schwarzwälder-Bote, 05.11.2015 03:29 clock

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Villingen-Schwenningen. In keeping with the dark season, the city library in November again Information evenings and lectures on the topics eBook and Internet in Villingen and Schwenningen to


e-readers and e-books are becoming more popular and open the door to electronic reading. With the Schwarzwald-Alb-Donau-E-Loan “Schwalbe” permits the offering of the public library for more than two years have easy access to this new technology. This portal allows customers to use the library as part of their membership worldwide and free of charge. “The loan of the swallow continuously rising,” says Volker Fritz, director of the city library. The culture technique reading varies with the digitization in many ways


What you need to consider on this issue, what advantages offer e-books and how the eLibrary the City Library works, learn about the project from the e-book evenings the city library, the adult education center and the bookstore Osiander. In the two free events on Thursday from 19.30 clock in the Municipal Library at Münster in Villingen and on Thursday 19 November also increased from 19.30 clock in the Municipal Library at Muslenplatz in Schwenningen, the hosts and answer questions.

There is again in November the Internet lectures for seniors. Under the motto “WWWegweisend” take a first look at the basic functions of the Internet. In addition to the technical requirements for the connection in your own home, the possibilities of electronic mail be explored. Following the navigation is explained on a web page, information about antivirus programs and search engines round the introduction into the medium. EBook eLibrary and are separately in the menu item “The library in the third millennium” theme. In addition to the general functions of an e-reader, the portal “Swallow” is examined in detail. The lectures are on Tuesday 10 November and Tuesday, November 17 in the library at Muslenplatz and on Friday, November 13 and Friday, November 20th at the City Library Munster each from 10 clock. Admission is free. Registration is required.

For more information and registration for the lectures, the library team is under Phone 07721/82 22 44 or 22 63 07721/82 available.

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