Monday, November 30, 2015

UN Climate Change Conference in Paris: 20 countries launch billion-offensive for green … – N24

Germany and 19 other countries have committed to double the investments in green energies to 2020th Accompanied the project from 28 private investors – among them. Bill Gates

With a joint initiative, the United States and 19 other countries want to promote the development of environmentally friendly technologies. The 20 countries, among them Germany would have committed to double the investment in research and development by 2020, informed the White House.


The aim is to clean new technologies for a ” develop affordable and reliable energy, “said the White House. The project “Mission Innovation” will be presented on Monday in Paris on the edge of the UN climate conference

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What you need to know about the climate summit

The participating countries, including France, Great Britain, Japan and India are set, according to the US government already 80 percent of global resources in the field of green technologies ready. Washington currently invests about five billion dollars a year.

In parallel with the “Mission Innovation” will be on Monday also launched an initiative of 28 private investors for the promotion of innovative technologies. Among the leaders of the “Breakthrough Energy Coalition” is one of Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

For the UN Conference an internationally binding agreement on climate change to be adopted. The goal is to limit global warming to two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.


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