Monday, September 21, 2015

US technology allows beer pins in a few seconds – German Economic News

A new dispensing technology from the USA is revolutionizing the beer spigot. Thanks to special magnetic mug can be tapped per minute with just a tap up to 25 beers. The seven minute wait for a Pils omitted.

Bottom up beer is tapped by a magnetically closable hole in the cup bottom from bottom to top (Photo: Screenshot)

The Bottoms known from the United States up Beer tapping technology there after more than three years of negotiations with the inventor and manufacturer now also in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In the Bottoms Up Beer tapping technology, the beer is tapped through a hole in the bottom of the cup from the bottom up. And that in a few seconds. These tapping technology offers the speed even more advantages: The beer can be tapped by private treaty, there is hardly Schank loss and requires no skilled labor to the beer spigot. The new pumping equipment is therefore mainly used for major events an advantage. The long queues at the beer stand has put an end.

For the innovative tapping technology you need a special dispenser tap and special beverage mug with magnet. The taps there are for installing or dish. They can be combined with the commercial beer hoses, barrels and waterchillers. There are dispensers with one to six conductors. With a dispenser, which has six lines, between 80 and 100 beers can be tapped per minute, depending on cooling and operating pressure.

The special mug for the bottom-up Beer have a hole in the ground , the edge of which is magnetic. The hole is closed from above by a magnet. Putting the cup on the tap, the magnet is high and the cup is filled. Taking the cup from the tap down, he sinks to the bottom and closes the cup. Here not a drop of beer will be lost.

The magnets are sold as advertising space. a result, the additional cost of this special mug can be compensated. In the US, the magnets are usually sold for up to a dollar to advertisers. This has the consequence that the operator of the dispensing system already can generate profits before they have sold the first beer.

The Bottoms Up Beer Germany GmbH is the exclusive provider of dispensing systems and Mugs for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Founder Jörg Blin discovered the Internet a video in which the Americans Josh Springer with his father on a bet that he could draw the beer from below the glass. Jörg Blin recognizes the potential of the idea and wants to establish the technology in Germany. He, For more than half a year trying to reach the inventor Josh Springer by phone and e-mail. Since the contact is not reached, he flies to the US to knock in person at George Springer. The plan works. Jörg Blin gets the distribution rights for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


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