Saturday, September 12, 2015

Nieferner company acquires Canadian technology company – Pforzheimer Zeitung

In addition to its own research and development department Wisi also relies on targeted acquisitions. So has the Wilhelm Sihn Jr. GmbH & amp; Co KG recently acquired a majority stake in the Canadian Inca Networks. “The acquisition strengthens our position in intelligent feeding solutions for next-generation video and open access to the North American market,” said CEO Axel Sihn. The high-tech company Inca Networks is considered an industry leading provider of intelligent system solutions and hardware products for the management, control and distribution of linear and nonlinear TV and video content over broadband networks to televisions and mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones and laptops. Its customers include major provider of pay-TV services as well as operators of cable and IP networks.

“By combining our market-leading headend and network solutions with the powerful software and the Multiscreen hardware of Inca Networks get network operators comprehensive systems to position themselves effectively in the future market personalized TV with its high growth rates can, “says the managing partner. “With Wisi we have the right strategic partner found for the further expansion of our international customer base and the development of new system solutions,” said Jeff Campbell, CEO of Inca Networks. The two companies will cooperate in the future in the development and distribution of video and multi-screen solutions with a special focus on the video compression and recording of personalized advertising. They also want to use the existing distribution networks. So Wisi will offer the video transcoding and multiscreen solutions from Inca Networks in Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and the Middle East. In return, the Canadian company sells the Wisi-systems in the future exclusively in North America. The Nieferner company deliberately opted for a close integration of research, product development, sales, project teams and local production. In the field of high-quality high-tech components for the establishment and development of advanced TV cable and communications networks Wisi is by far the market leader and main supplier of the main cable network operator in Germany and exported to the most important international markets.

This Wisi may in future retain its special position in the global competition and a say in the technological development, the company has invested, for example, currently heavily in the areas of digital video processing and fiber optic technology to customers.

The trend to a customized data stream, matches the respective terminal. “Because a lot of music in it, because in addition to the big screen TV in the living room, there is more and more consumers in a household who receive large amounts of data over the Internet and video content via mobile devices see,” said Sihn.


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