Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Japanese consulting company supported investments in solar tower … – SolarServer

Valentia (Tokyo, Japan) will make strong investments in the solar tower technology EnviroMission (Melbourne, Australia) to its expand presence in commercial energy innovations that support the sustainability goal of the company, reported EnviroMission.

Valentia was convinced that the power plant technology EnviroMission will make an important contribution to a future clean and sustainable energy supply with solar energy.

Valentia intends to expand its presence abroad through a comprehensive and long-term partnership with EnviroMission and primarily benefit from business opportunities in the United States.

The main reason for this decision was the favorable political landscape, according to the press release. EnviroMission has proposed in La Paz in southwestern Arizona, the first solar tower project.

Valentia will solicit a total of US $ 110 million

“We have recognized the importance of technology EnviroMission and want in a first tranche of 10 million US dollars of USD 110 million solicit,” said Takeshi Ono, chairman of Valentia.

Representatives of Valentia, EnviroMission and affiliated companies had met in July 2015 Arizona, to discuss how a solar tower power plant in the region is feasible and the environmental benefits it would bring.

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