Friday, September 25, 2015

Airbus makes push for wireless technology for pilots –

By Andy Pasztor

WASHINGTON (Dow Jones) – The Airbus Group SE consists in representatives of aviation and supervisory authorities on both sides of the Atlantic for common standards in wireless communications in aircraft.

So far, at least the public focus has focused on improved wireless technology for passengers. But the thrust of Airbus aims that pilots ultimately could use wireless technology to assist in flying. The initiative of the European aircraft manufacturer, in which, inter alia, the Airbus-Boeing rival involved is less well known, and Airbus has not made its foray publicly. So far, it is only possible designs, as pilots could make the wireless technology future advantage.

Airbus engineers would wireless technology as “additional redundancy layer” consider in security applications to move, for example, wing and tail of an aircraft, said an Airbus spokesman. In the technology increases safety against failure through the use of redundancy. The spokesman said, however, if this will ever realized, it was still a “long process”.

In a letter in early September to the US Advisory Committee RTCA, are the recommendations for communication, navigation and surveillance of air traffic management, presented Airbus a general draft. The industry-wide initiative “Wireless Avionics Intra-Communications” is likely to be subject in November in Geneva and in the “World Radio Communications Conference”. According to industry estimates, the proposed wireless technology could eventually replace about one-third of all wire technology aircraft currently.

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