Monday, September 7, 2015

iPhone 6s: “Force Touch” technology should be able to recognize three pressure levels –

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This week Apple will introduce its new iPhone and want to appear / with the already known “Force Touch” technology , This should have been, however, revised and installed in a new version.

One of the highlights of the new-generation iPhone that Apple will present on Wednesday, is very likely the “Force Touch” technology. Some of you already know this might of your MacBook or Apple Watch and basically this only means that the display recognizes when you push a little harder on this. The new iPhone should be able to identify several levels.

The Apple Watch recognizes when solid presses on the display and then can display various actions. The iPhone 6s is according 9to5Mac can then recognize three different strengths of the pressure on the display. So in addition to a normal contact and a firmer pressure also has an extremely firm pressure. This is not possible with the Apple Watch.

doubts about a new iPhone with Force Touch actually exist any more, which is exciting for me but the question to be, as you have the integrated into the OS. When Apple Watch the technology is anything but intuitive and you often do not know whether you can press firmly to a location or not. We’ll see if Apple can solve this problem with the iPhone 6s.


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