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Technology of the future: This high-tech patch shows in 30 seconds, as it … – ABC Online


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What looks small and insignificant, is actually a marvel of innovative technology. The so-called BioStamp looks like a colorful tattoo and is as big as a postage stamp – but has much more to offer than just look cool.


It looks like a small tattoo – but in reality is the BioStamp a marvel of science that promises great things. For years, a research group of the University of Illinois is working on the Stamps similar sticker, which is easy to apply to the skin and there may linger for several days. The materials scientist John Rogers helped develop the innovative paving and says:

“It’s kind of portable next-generation technology. A technology that delivers due to intense skin contact medical data may. “More than 3,500 liquid crystals cause health measurements while wearing through. With different sensors analyze and evaluate the electronic postage stamp different areas and body mechanisms: for example, blood pressure, perspiration, or the heart rate. Change temperature or blood flow, also the color of the crystals changes – perhaps a sign of health problems. The waterproof and very extensible BioStamp is connected to an app that receives an image information and analyzes on a computer within 30 seconds.

If the patch detects a deviation, a doctor can be done visited and early remedy quickly. But that’s not all, white John Rogers: “We can determine the hydration of the skin and measure electrical signals, which are associated with brain activity, heart rate, or the musculoskeletal system.” He is sure that the means Sensors can be optimized health and fitness – and without constant visits to the doctor and annoying transfers. In the US and Europe, there has been tested more than once. End 2015, the electronic patch hit the market.

The video material was provided by Inside Science TV.

For more information about this video, and Inside Science, please visit the YouTube channel or follow the homepage.

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