Wednesday, September 23, 2015

DMT technology gives punch 300% strength increase in performance –

connecting rods for car engines are among the technical components of a car, which one rarely seen in general and carry out their work in the “secret”. The technical demands on the mechanical properties of a connecting rod is still quite high, since it connects the crankshaft to the piston – A tear of this compound usually leads to a major engine damage

from H. -13 Tool steel existing die performs real hard labor in the production of connecting rods. She punched the still hot glowing, forged in heat-treated steel blanks in the final form. It shall be subjected to enormous mechanischer- and thermal stress. The contours of the punch wear out quickly and must be constantly renewed.

The South Korean 3D metal printer manufacturer InssTek offers this on a technically and economically optimal solution. Developed in close collaboration with a well-known automobile manufacturer repair method repairs not only worn punches but makes them even better than before


For a repair the worn surface contour (a) depending on the degree of wear of about 10 mm deep mechanically removed (b). Here, the use of CNC machines is advantageous because one needs the geometric data of the cut surface for programming of 3D printing. Subsequently, using the InssTek DMT technology new contours printed (c) and mechanically refined for reuse (d)

Here is the illustration of the repair process.


InssTek has all the parameters been optimized in several steps that the printed layer is far superior in all mechanical properties of the original die. The 1.2344 tool steel has in printed form a high-density, non-porous, homogeneous structure on

For more than 2 years, the 3D Repair solution is applied and which now present evaluation provides amazing result:. While a conventionally produced connecting rod die in cut about 45,000 connecting rod ejects before they must be replaced, holding the repaired with 3D printing die stamping operations was about 150,000. So an increase in productivity of more than 300%!

With the rapid DMT module SDM1200 that counts up to 35 cc / hour duty cycle to the fastest on the market, the repair can be very economical, at a fraction of make the cost of traditional production.


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