Thursday, September 3, 2015

News from the Clinic Europe-wide pioneer in the use of PinPoint … – Osthessen News

Re-positive and forward-looking messages from the Alsfelder Hospital: As one of six hospitals in Europe has the Alsfelder clinic for several Weeks is a so-called “PinPoint”, a new technology in abdominal surgery, the minimally invasive surgery even safer, uncomplicated and cost-saving than ever before.

“The acquisition of pinpoints a foresighted and long-term investment in the future of our company “, Dr. Steffen Lancee, chief physician of General, Visceral and Vascular Surgery is certain. “I am firmly convinced that this technology increasingly used and will become a standard in abdominal surgery.” Alsfeld belongs therefore, from the outset. The Alsfelder hospital has experienced through the good contacts of the head physician for research and development at an early stage of the new laser-based imaging method of the Canadian company Novadaq which has offered this technology claims to be only a few, competent surgeons in Europe. At the recent congress of surgeons Alsfelder chief physician could try the device by hand, and finally order with conviction for Alsfelder clinic.

But what can the new device and why is it so special? The question can be explained – even for the layman – quickly once one imagines an operation. Previously there was only belly cuts, today is often operated minimalinversiv with the so-called keyhole technique. Larger wounds on the surface stay out of the wound healing progresses faster and easier progress and the patient no longer needs to remain in the hospital. In the keyhole technique replace projections of small abdominal cameras on screens the eye, showing the inside of the abdomen. Not seen – whether in open abdominal surgery or keyhole procedure – however, the blood vessels in the organs, which are protected in the tissue encased in skin. If a piece of the liver, the stomach or the intestine must be removed, to know the surgeon by imaging techniques such as MRI, CT or reflections previously, where, for example, sits the inflamed tissue or tumor.

But what they can not see from the pictures, like the blood circulation – the choroid plexus – runs in the organ. So far, for example, a piece of diseased portion of the intestine was removed and stitched together the healthy ends again. But the ends were really healthy? Were they permanently well supplied with blood? If you have been injured and no major artery? Ineinigen cases and thus after Lancees conviction still too often Imagine that after the surgery out sometimes must again be reoperated because a piece of tissue was, for example, no longer well supplied with blood and caused problems.

With the PinPoint is different: The PinPoint power over a specific laser technology combined with green fluorescent contrast agent that is injected into the bloodstream, about a particular image the vessels of the organ visible. In addition to the image of the abdominal camera that is used due to keyhole surgery, thus just adds a second image. The images are superimposed into the body before the cut, so the surgeon can see exactly where it intersects and in what vessels must pay. Is the necessary part of the organ removed, the remaining organ either as the intestine is sewn together again, or deserted and closed. Here, too, the two superimposed images are necessary, because the surgeon can detect whether the sewn-together fabric is still fine and well supplied with blood.

The advantage of this method is obvious: For the patient this operation technology means better treatment, a shorter hospital stay and improved quality of life. As a side effect results in a substantial cost savings, since fewer complications and reoperations are necessary

“We are glad that we -. Even if we are a house of the basic and standard care – have this new technology and can provide our patients with the latest medical “, indicates Bodo Assmus, CEO of Alsfelder district hospital. “We have competencies that have future and are becoming increasingly important for our company.” +++


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