Saturday, September 5, 2015

Technology and refugees – Part 2 – Germany Kultur

Europe is a fortress – at least when it comes to the permeability of people who have to leave their home countries and seek refuge in the local confederation. The European Union tried using the latest technology, precisely to regulate this – or even preventing: crime and illegal migration should be warded directly to the EU’s external borders

Responsibility for this lies among others, the border protection agency Frontex – High technologically upgraded. and financially well positioned to stabilize the borders of Europe. What surveillance techniques behind Frontex, the technological and economic efforts also behind the security system? We’ll talk with the journalist Peter Welchering

Sophisticated technology but is also used when refugees have overcome the euopäische border -. About when it comes to figuring out means controversial speech analysis, from which Arab country originate asylum seekers : Lydia Heller reports. And also in shelters for refugees, the (digital) communication plays a major role, because the Internet is the most important medium for the people is there. As the network, for example, comes in the refugee camp in Berlin-Marienfelde, white Teresa Sickert.

The news of the week do not come without the latest technology from – which is in this case, but usually relatively harmless: Marcus Richter was for us at the annual International Consumer Electronics Fair in Berlin

accompany the end we. Jenni Roth in the third part of their search for clues in the murder of Khaled Idris Bahray: What political and personal interests compete for the privilege of interpretation? Another consequence of the serial “More than one murder – The end of an escape from Eritrea”.

To hear on Saturday 05 September 2015 from 13:05 clock in Germany Kultur

Moderation: Christine Watty and Marcus Richter
network Music: Teresa Sickert
Editor: Jana Wuttke
Web: Miriam Sandabad

Photo by Surian Soosay, CC BY 2.0


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