Friday, September 4, 2015

“Knowledge Capital”: technology and creativity give birth to new values ​​-

Linz – As white pixels heap there is the own silhouette in a wall projection again. Behind the digital silhouette project on trees, like transplanted directly from a computer game of the 1990s in the times gesture controlled gaming consoles. However, the application Gokan Response Activating Space is not a game.

The object is to allow immobile people, “to come out into nature”, such as technology brokers Keisuke INNAMI explained. I beg your pardon? “Raise your hand,” says INNAMI because Brimstone come flying into the picture at this moment. If the “character” of the immersed in the surface user touches, they turn into lemons. And then blow him two fans a blast forward with citrus scent. This in turn has something of rudimentary smell-o-vision.

subpixel trees

But was now serious about the simulation of nature? Old people should be put in front of this colorful pixel world just as well as to take a trip into the countryside with them? Well, Gokan Response Activating Space located admittedly “in the development phase,” says INNAMI. But sooner or later, the installation could easily be used in retirement homes in overaged Japan. Signs of irony one seeks in his helpful words in vain.

If you want to try it anyway, found these days on the Ars Electronica Festival to opportunity, specifically in the local Dépendance of Knowledge Capital. This is the name a company based in Osaka, Japan companies, the representatives from research, industry or design features a think tank. “Technology times human creativity is equal to new values” is a formula of the company. Declared Osaka INNAMI “ordinary people” the new technologies.

LEDs in the bark

In Linz, the Japanese are, however, for a very specific idea of ​​the city after city, that ” Post City “, the year’s Festival theme. For example, even with the project A tree tweets, a tree Reacts . While it would like in principle promote the connection of man with the (true) Flora, but pursued but a strange concept of nature: The trees could be equipped in Osaka the future with pulse monitors; With its commitment to fingers on a sunken into the bark light-emitting diode and the ear to the root, you can hear through the wooden music that the “healthiest” is for Tree and man – if you even the state of health of trees on fluid circulation, in people over the pulse may raise. Fast drumbeats or leisurely surfaces should then take about influence. Likewise, the trees should be linked with the street lighting, begin then to pulsate in the heart rate.

Do not fear technology

Yes, projects such as A tree tweets … would appear under different sign, in another culture, as a critical art. But one wonders INNAMI whether he meet on fears the Japanese audience, you get more of the cliché of technology believing Japan confirmed: “Latest-things-orientated” is the company, and its visitors are proud to be associated with pioneering achievements. Ultimately you operate a sort of test marketing.

In fact, is Junichi Suzuki, project manager of A tree tweets … , assuming that in a few years “the city” smart enough will be in order even to stage encounters between people: “No one will have to feel more, to do what he wants,” he says. When the winter will wear T-shirts – no problem. Of course, the city will also control the weather namely. And for bad weather, there are friends then probably the Funbrella, a simulated rain shield. Do you know of a fourth of the Piefke Saga ? (Roman Gerold, 05/09/2015)


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