Monday, September 14, 2015

Hi-Tech Fashion: Fashion and Technology – Euro news

In the “Magic Mirror” can “try on” any kind of fashion virtually. But the intelligent dressing room is not a completely new technology. Recently in Israel in the “Fashion Tech” on the other hand many new fashion technology trends were to be seen.

The event brought together technology start-ups with the fashion industry together and showed how close fashion and technology together can be. There were some demonstrations, among other portable devices.

The organizer of the Fashion Tech, Yael Kochman, said the goal of the fair is to bring together the two very different worlds of fashion and technology: “prove the startups here that the technology the way how people consume fashion, can change, whether online or at the store in reality. Even here you can offer a multi-faceted experience and bring together the online and offline mode. “

The company” Infime “for example, has developed an application that will help consumers, the perfectly fitting underwear to buy. She misses the body in 3D so that everyone can buy underwear without having to try them before. explained

Michael Litvin, the founder of “Infime”: “We allow the visualization of the 3D object, the 3D model of the body of a customer, by entering its body dimensions. This can either online happen in an online store or a real business by there the QR code of a product is scanned to see how it fits. “

And the Zunkunft of fashion is perhaps here : in 3D printers. In fact, 3D printing technology keeps slow start into the world of fashion.

Soon we might specially made for us by pressing a button, perfectly fitting clothes and shoes.


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