Friday, September 18, 2015

ICC chief Richard Soley on industrial 4.0 “technology knows no boundaries” – Handelsblatt

Industry 4.0 on American

The Managing Director of Industrial Internet Consortium (ICC), Richard Soley:

(Photo: picture alliance / dpa)

Barcelona Richard Soley, a tall man with a sense of irony flourishes, when he at the fairgrounds in Barcelona S panicked. His wife comes from Chile, and Latin America has grown close to him -. Also because as a farmer lives, which dominates the Internet of Things
Mr Soley, the Internet of Things is still a vision ?
It is reality. The Gartner hype curve says that we have already passed the peak of inflated expectations of a new technology and are moving towards the valley of tears. That’s true, but the valley will be very shallow. We already have existing systems that use the technology for the industrial Internet. They help time, effort, money and staff to save money.


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