Thursday, September 10, 2015

Study: New BMW 7 Series provides technology breakthrough – CAR PRODUCTION


09.09.2015, 14:33 clock

The new BMW 7 Series is for the French automotive analysts of Inovev a technological breakthrough reason. The luxury sedan is the first production model to be used in the CFRP structural components.

 BMW 7

The new 7 Series has slimmed compared to its predecessor by 130 kilograms. – Picture: BMW

The carbon fiber reinforced plastics uses the Munich carmaker to reduce weight and strengthen the structure. So finds CFK use in core, the roof frame, in the side skirts, in the pillars and in the center tunnel.

Due to the high CRP share of 7 Series for Inovev experts is not merely a technical demonstration of a luxury brand. Rather, he showed a new path for the automobile manufacturers, especially for the German premium brands, on.

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Gabriel Pankow


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