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Nordhausen: WID technology Maximator – Thüringer Allgemeine

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         Nordhausen. In automotive production, the lightweight construction determines the selection of suitable materials and manufacturing processes. The HP-RTM process (high-pressure resin injection method) has proven itself for the production of weight-reduced components in the automotive sector, as it allows the mass production of parts with high weight savings, according to a recent press release from the company.


The specialist for gas and water injection technology from Nordhausen , the Maximator GmbH has, especially for this production method is now adapted to an installation for water injection , The carmaker BMW uses this facility for the mass production of large structural components made of fiber plastic composite. “The water injection technology Maximator is in conjunction with the HP-RTM process at company> for the first time. Especially for this process, we have our water injection technology matched BMW>” confirms René sky stone , Vice President Sales & amp; Marketing Maximator GmbH . The combination of the HP-RTM technology with the proven fluid injection technology hollow components with low weight can be produced at a higher resistance in series. “The fluid injection increases the application range of the HP-RTM technology significantly and opens up new possibilities for lightweight construction,” added the vice president. plant in BMW Group factory Landshut With gas and water injection technology Maximator is decades in the field of mass production of plastic components, especially in the automotive sector operates and versed in the customer-specific adaptation of technology to the local conditions. The investment in production in BMW Group factory Landshut consists of two central units: water treatment unit and the printing unit. By water injection plant the blow mold during the HP-RTM process is subjected to internal pressure. Then, the emptying process takes place after a short hardening of the injected resin in the CFRP matrix beflochten the lost blow mold. Due to the structural constellations and the liquid used special demands were made to the system. The high-pressure supply unit and the valve assembly should be installed for the successful implementation of the RTM process as possible in close proximity to each other. To achieve this, a complex injector with multiple integrated, monolithic valve technology and process technology has been developed for series production. Individual adaptation, technology-border cooperation was predetermined also that very pure, demineralised water is used, which has a high temperature required for the process. Maximator has come into contact with the water components of the system in accordance with proven metal alloys provided so that they can withstand the aggressive corrosion. In addition, a heating system for temperature control of the water has been installed, in order to accelerate the curing of the resin can. “A decisive factor for the design of the plant was also the aspect of the series production,” says René sky stone . The pieces have to be produced as regards the cycle time that you have when taking over a certain temperature in order not to deform, and yet a high clock rate is achieved. Maximator presented as an individual process connection in terms of control, visualization and data processing are available. The Vice President says in the press release concluded: “This project is not only in terms of the combination of HP-RTM process and Water Assisted Moulding something special for us crucial for the success also was the close cooperation with the press manufacturer. , the tool manufacturer and the resin supplier. ”








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