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On the south facade of the CSEM Research Center in Neuchâtel (Switzerland) in early September a solar façade with the latest Meyer Burger photovoltaic technology was in 2015 inaugurated.

With an intelligent combination of advanced PV technologies such as high-efficiency solar cell coating technology “heterojunction (HJT)” and the innovative solar cell connection technology SWCT put the solar facade new standards in the performance and aesthetics, says Meyer Burger Technology AG (Thun, Switzerland).

This modern, solar power-producing photovoltaic facade is the result of a longstanding collaboration between the research and development institute EPFL, the PV Center of the Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM) and Meyer Burger ,

solar façade impresses with filigree Module Design

Together, the town of Neuchâtel, the power company Viteos and CSEM took the solar façade in operation, during an approximately 18-month duration of the project on the south facade of the CSEM building at Rue Maladière 33 was realized in Neuchâtel.

The PV façade has been funded prior to the company Viteos and the City of Neuchâtel and scores with the architectural appearance and the filigree design module. This latest generation of solar modules produced both on the front as well as back of the module electricity from direct and indirect sunlight (reflection).

The optimal combination of solar cells and solar cells HJT-connection technology enables SWCT an industry-leading module efficiency and guarantee even at very high ambient temperatures maximum energy yields. The power connectors between the cells are visible and thereby give a total area of ​​633 m 2 in an extremely homogeneous appearance.

photovoltaic systems for building integration and hybrid solutions for commercial buildings

The new solar technology was suitable for the use of various applications. Both in terms of increasing the energy yield in different climatic zones as well as the integration in and around the building. These solar systems can be used as building materials perfectly integrated into the formal language of the building.

Meyer Burger offers on the market in photovoltaic systems for building integration and innovative hybrid solutions for building on. The advanced and highly efficient technologies such as heterojunction and SmartWire will feed into the proven product range and will be available for customers in Switzerland from mid 2016th

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