Wednesday, September 16, 2015

80 percent battery in 30 minutes: This technology invites smartphones … – CHIP Online Business

Qualcomm has the battery technology Quick Charge 3.0 presented, successor to Quick Charge 2.0. In around 30 minutes to smartphone battery can be charged as much as 80 percent. Compared to its predecessor Quick Charge 3.0 would thus a speed advantage of up to 27 percent. Energy losses, according to Qualcomm will be reduced by about half .

Quick Charge 3.0: mobile phone controls the charger itself

 Core of the new technology is an algorithm which can communicate with each other smartphone and charger: The smartphone may so request at any time the amperage that is best suited for the current charge level. Quick Charge 3.0 allows a much more accurate regulation of charging voltage than its predecessor:.. Between 3.6 volts and 20 volts can be changed in 200 mV steps

In the video we explain how Quick Charge function

Snapdragon 820 with Quick Charge 3.0

 Quick Charge 3.0 is compatible with Qualcomm Snapdragon processors 820, 620, 618, 617 and 430. Probably 2016 is likely the new technology to be used in the first smartphones. Devices with Quick Charge 3.0 are backward compatible (dom)


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