Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Neuss: No Technology Park in Hammfeld – RP ONLINE

Mayor Herbert Napp will bring the issue Hammfeld II still in his tenure to a close. Whether this succeeds and in the Council meeting on 25 September, a sale of land between Hoffner furniture store and racetrack at the Berlin Investor Kurt Krieger succeeds, but is open. The black-green council majority has discussed in a separate working group this question in the holiday weeks – but no result

A little decision support now comes from the management which should check at the request of the country, whether on the surface. a technology park could be developed. The result is clear: “To this end, there is neither an investor nor a user,” reads a statement from the Office of Economic Development. The effects which would have a sale to Hoffner immediately, did not exist. And these are some: creation of jobs and training opportunities, income from the trade tax and – first and foremost – 15 million euros income from the sale of land

“We are trying the issue on September 25 to get in the Council. “says the CDU parliamentary leader Helga Koenemann. The investor wants warriors – as reported – set a Sconto furniture store as “Inexpensive furniture market” next to his Höffner-store and still build a hardware store. The planning for the rest of the surfaces we start then to then says Koenemann.

In the conversation was, inter alia, the construction of a national data center. Because the Treasury Department had made the matter urgent, had already been tried in June to take a decision in principle for a sale so Neuss as local community further remains in the race. But this thing seems clear cooled. Koenemann: “From the land we have heard nothing.”

Warrior is committed by the end of 2018 through an option agreement for the industrial park Hammfeld II to the city. The contract is to be paid to a square meter price of 150 euros. But for that, it is said in the opinion of the city, warriors will no longer get the area well. The final purchase price is to be determined on the basis of land values ​​map that determines the independent expert committee.

For a technology park as an alternative speaks from the perspective of management, not only that the consequences for the labor market and municipal treasury to calculate heavy are. Rather, it is argued that the economic policies of the city has already led to the settlement success of companies and from the technological growth industries. “A technology park” would only create new office space – and elsewhere in the city increase the vacancy

Source:. NGZ

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