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MBR Targeting drives precise regional marketing ahead with the IP … – OnVista (press release)

Industry-leading IP geolocation technology chosen for the realization of highly efficient, geographically oriented advertising campaigns

Digital Element, the leading provider of IP geolocation solutions, today announced that MBR Targeting, a Ströer Digital Group belong Direction provider of online advertising technology, its NetAcuityEdge ™ IP geolocation Technology used to allow a granulareres targeting at regional advertising.

As a Demand Side Platform (DSP) uses MBR Targeting IP geolocation technology to enhance targeted advertising by the criterion Location. The accuracy of the available location data is of paramount importance, as it ensures effective geo-targeting, minimizing wastage while improving return on investment.

In the automobile industry the company operates, for example, together with a nationwide dealer network and offers centralized advertising packages , can opt for the authorized dealers, stating the number of impressions, which are to be delivered for your geographic region. The impressions booked are then deployed by using location data on the highly accurate geolocation solution NetAcuityEdge.

The choice fell on the digital element technology, following a testing process, were compared in the IP address data with known locations to to evaluate the accuracy of various geo-targeting solutions on the market. The Digital Element solution convinced MBR Targeting by its accuracy of information provided.

“We are committed to the regional geomarketing and the technology of digital element allows us to business models that proved very successful in the analogue world have proven to be transferred to the digital world, “said Christoph Tavan, CTO MBR Targeting. “When evaluating the available solutions, we realized that the technology of Digital Element accurate targeting of almost 50 percent more IP addresses allowed as the next best option on the market. Digital Element, the same number of users with almost four times as high precision locating as other technology providers that we have tested. “

The company Digital Founded in 1999, Element is a pioneer of IP geolocation technology and its NetAcuityEdge Technology has revolutionized the field of IP geolocation. By combining the routing infrastructure analysis with anonymous knowledge through a network of global trading partners NetAcuity Edge allows numerous applications, from highly accurate targeting up to comply with geographical rights – all the while maintaining the user anonymity and the highest privacy standards for end users

“We are delighted that MBR Targeting has recognized the superiority of data from Digital Element and that the choice fell on us to provide accurate and granular, geographically targeted advertising,” commented Kate Owen, Vice President, Northern Europe, Digital Element , “The development of our NetAcuityEdge ™ IP geolocation technology provides the company the ability to use a much more accurate geo-targeting than previously and provide hyperlocal advertising that is contextually relevant and meaningful, with a range of clear business benefits.”

MBR Targeting expands the list of prestigious advertising and data platform clients of Digital Element, including Microsoft, AdBlueDigital, MediaMath, The ADEX, Crimtan, Weborama, Vibrant Media, Webtrekk, Admedo, mashero, Collective, Flashtalking, Infectious Media, ADTECH AOL and Blue Lithium by Yahoo.


About Digital Element

Since 1999, Digital Element global geolocation solutions , provided the online initiatives with Anytime Anywhere relevance and context – from desktop to mobile devices. The patented technology of the company has been certified and accredited to provide real-time access to accurate and reliable location intelligence without violating the privacy of the user. For more than a decade, many of the world’s largest sites, brands, advertising networks, social media platforms and mobile trust publishers on digital element technology in terms of targeting their advertising, the localization of the content, improve the analysis and management of content rights, and detection and prevention fraud. Visit www.digitalelement.com for more information about how you can enrich the online world with the offline Power of the site. Follow us on TwitterDigitalElement and click the “Like” button on Facebook.

With its headquarters in Atlanta and London is one of the Digital Element Digital Division Envoy Inc.

About MBR Targeting

MBR Targeting, for Ströer Digital Group belonging, is a patent-pending algorithms for highly efficient real-time advertising. MBR Targeting is focused and processed 100 percent on science and technology and analyze huge amounts of data. The company provides innovative work in the areas of Big Data, machine learning and real-time technologies and supports comprehensive real-time view web

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