Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Smart Factory – With the RFID – technology wirelessly networked through working at Audi – (press release)

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Ingolstadt (ots) – Moderation Proposal:

To be able to identify machine easy and fast goods or objects, has long been one of the so-called cash or barcode, the measure of all things. When bar code method, a reader is held directly above the bar code that reads the data. Not the case with so-called RFID -. Technology, Radio Frequency Identification, which means about as much as radio frequency identification in German With this technology, data can be read and stored without contact or line of sight. Especially for the logistics divisions brings this wireless form of identification, of course, a tremendous time saver. The carmaker Audi is in his factory of the future, the so-called Smart Factory, on the RFID technology, because in addition to logistics brings RFID in the production and marketing major advantages, as initial experience:

O tone 1 (Wilfried Schimmel, 0:19 min.): “Here we have such an RFID tag based on a label, the actual RFID chip is the small black dot at the center about one millimeter to a millimeter in size, the. what you see around it still here, that is to applied to the film nor the antenna. ”

Narrator: And with these tiny antenna, the energy to be captured, as Wilfried Schimmel, Head of Information Processes manufacturing for equipment integration and system management at Audi to send the stored information from disk to the antenna of a fixed reader. Of course at Audi have long a vehicle identification via chip data, so mold:

O-Ton 2 (Wilfried Schimmel, 0:14 min): “Now for the first time are the vehicles this RFID tag with equipped, which is integrated to the bumper. ”

Spokesperson: On the RFID chip is not last saved for privacy, only the chassis number of the new car. The actual vehicle data, so what is to be built, which has already been installed, and so on, all of which is stored on a downstream database. That brings already in the production great advantages, because in addition to the facilitation of data collection which means very principle:

O-Ton 3 (Wilfried Schimmel, 0:11 min.): “The increase in process quality, data quality, and ultimately the opportunity at any time to keep track the vehicles as such, while they are still on the factory premises. ”

speakers: Very good experience the automobile manufacturers with RFID already at its plant in Györ, Hungary, as Bernd Herrler, logistics planner for finished vehicles at Audi emphasized:

O-Ton 4 (Bernd Herrler, 0:08 min.): “In Gyor be the day is already used today for the finish, but also to the processes of logistics and distribution.”

Speaker: It is not only the quality of data internally experiencing an enormous increase, so Bernd Herrler, even after leaving the factory gates of the day on the vehicles may continue to serve you well:

O-Ton 5 (Bernd Herrler, 0:10 min.): “Then it’s usually at a port or to a destination station or to a central warehouse, and even there it is again possible that the service provider then uses RFID and thus improves its processes . ”

Narrator: And therefore want to continue coverage of the carmaker with the four rings, RFID technology in the other Audi – introduce works.

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 Audi AG 
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