Sunday, September 20, 2015

US researchers develop technology that makes people invisible – German Economic News

Researchers have developed the first invisibility cloak, the three-dimensional objects can be invisible. The cape is made of a material that deflects incident light. This creates an optical illusion: The things disappear under the cloak.

metamaterial bends the light so to that man behind it invisible will (Photo: Screenshot)

Researchers have for the first time succeeded in developing a invisibility cloak, the three-dimensional objects makes invisible . The shell is so flexible that it can cling even to irregular shapes. Researchers at the University of Berkeley in California developed the 80 nanometer thick coat, which consists of metamaterial, ie an artificial structure with electromagnetic properties. The metamaterial is made of gold nano-antennas which are smaller than the wavelength of visible light. They manipulate the incident light so that unevenness of the underlying object are no longer visible. Characterized the object disappears visually. There is no natural material in the world, that light can deflect in this way.

The researchers have studied in the past decade with how Metamaterie interacts with light and how they bend the path of light or can bend backwards. The problem of their previous camouflage material was that it was thick and bulky and also difficult to enlarge. While only microscopic objects can also use the new flexible material previously made invisible, but the principle behind the technique allows an enlargement, can be made easily visible with the larger objects in the future. Another advantage of the new technology is that you can arrival the invisibility cloak by the orientation of the nano-antennas and can exhibit .

In the past, researchers have already introduced approaches for working invisibility cloaks , In 2012, reported the CNN that the army of the United States have developed a stealth technology, can make objects or people invisible. The underlying idea is the same as in the current invisibility cloak: that the object under the cover will not be visible, is due to their capacity to be able to break particularly light



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