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New patent-pending multi-sensor probe is the first device to accurately search and measurement of water losses

SACRAMENTO, California ( USA) – (BUSINESS WIRE) – 09/10/2015 –

Electro Scan Inc., a global leader in the condition assessment of lines, has launched its new, patent-pending multi-sensor probe, exactly with the water losses can be tracked and measured, announced.

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Die breakthrough technology for water leak detection the company is part of a 90-day international information event by 16 cities . began last week

Water Companies generally lose 20-30 percent of their used water before it reaches the water meter of the customer. The repair the wrong lines is often ten times more expensive than the repair of the right lines. .

Because the existing solutions, such as acoustic sensors, dataloggers, electromagnetic sensors and visual inspections do not provide reliable results with respect to water leaks, there is a need for new technologies for precise evaluation of water pipelines as well as the certification of repairs.

“We are pleased to introduce our new technology, “said Chuck Hansen, Chairman of Electro Scan Inc. and former Chairman of Hansen Information Technologies, which was sold to Infor Global 2007

Chuck Hansen explains.” By combining the latest technologies in our 4-in-1 multi-sensor probe water companies can under an exclusive service, the size, location and the estimated loss of any water leaks determine within minutes. “

evaluated the technology of Electro Scan both compressive . also open channels while they remain in operation

The patent-pending multi-sensor probe of the company includes:

1,. Low-voltage conductivity sensor – Measures individual leaks and total losses with a series of low-voltage conductivity Tri-electrodes to search for leaking cracks, pores, damaged joints and other openings to floor.

2. High-resolution camera – helps the user to navigate through the water pipes and documented the position of leaks that were found by the low-voltage conductivity sensor. It is used a high-resolution camera with 1920×1080 pixels at 30 frames per second.

. 3 Pressure sensor – Returns the site-specific water pressure to calculate the loss amount

4.. acoustic sensor – Records the sound vibrations and delivers comparison with earlier results that can be directly compared with the results of the low-conductivity

“. The 4-in-1 Water probe of Electro Scan was developed for finding leaks that were not detected by existing methods, “says Mark Grabowski, Managing Director (General Manager) of Electro Scan. “When a performance loses electricity, it also loses water. We can now deploy a reliable, reproducible and measurable solution for water utilities sector, which is based on our proven technology, which has already been installed in the sewage. “

line materials that are best for low-conductivity measurements suitable include:. asbestos cement, steel pipes with a cement mortar lining and coating, liner systems, glass fiber reinforced pipes, high density polyethylene pipes, pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipes, polyethylene pipes and conduits made of PVC and reinforced concrete

With a lift-neutral fiber optic cables the company water lines can be up to a length of 2000 feet (610 meters) to investigate from an access point. Access to the line via fire hydrants, air valves, flow meters, shut-off valves and pressure pads.

“In the past, could be determined by acoustic sensors approximately the position of general accidents,” Carissa Boudwin said director for marketing at Electro Scan .

Carissa Boudwin adds: “But false positives, poor reproducibility of the data and the dependence of the data analysis by a third party, the ambient noise from the road, the height of the water table, the cable diameter and the fact that pipes made of PVC, PE and HDPE can not be examined, the usefulness of this solution to the search for unprofitable water leaks and to optimize investment costs have limited “

Includes the information session of Electro Scan through 16 cities:.


9-10th September ICT practice days “new buildings, renovation and repair” Gelsenkirchen, Germany
13th-15th September SAP for Utilities, North American Conference, Huntington Beach, CA, USA
14th September Water JAM, Virginia Beach, VA, USA
22-23rd September Water Innovation Summit, Berkeley, CA, USA
23-25th September Iowa League of Cities, Cedar Rapids, IA, USA
26-30th September WEFTEC, McCormick Place, Booth 2804, Chicago, IL, USA
11th-14th October AMWA Executive Management Conference, Savannah, GA, USA
13th-16th October AWWA Water Infrastructure Conference, Bethesda, MD, USA
20th October UKSTT briefing, Bristol, United Kingdom
22nd October Rocky Mountain Water Environment Association, Vail, CO, USA
26-29th October AWWA Calif-Nevada Annual Conference, Las Vegas, NV, USA
. 6 November American Leak Detection Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL, USA
11th-13th November California Water Association, Monterey, CA, USA
17th-19th November Trenchless Technology Roadshow, Richmond, BC, Canada
. 4 December Hawaii Water Environment Association, Honolulu, HI, USA
8th-9th December North American Water Loss Conference, Atlanta, GA, USA

Electro Scan was as Best CleanTech Company (The New Economy), Best Innovative Technology (Water Environment Federation), Innovative Product Award (North American Society for Trenchless Technology) and Best Project (UK Society of Trenchless Technology) excellent.

The equipment can not be purchased. The new technology is offered as part of a service directly from the company.

About Electro Scan

The unlisted companies developing complex instruments and solutions for mobile and cloud applications, automatically detect faults in the water, sewage and gas lines, measure and report.

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