Thursday, September 24, 2015

Haßfurter vocational students learn using the latest technology –

Very chic they look, the two new vehicles teaching of vocational school Haßfurt. However, for the practical instruction of budding mechatronics engineers for cars and commercial vehicles, it depends on the famous “inner values” to. And the cutting-edge technology in the form of cars have both Mini and the MAN semitrailer, officially took over the school in receiving these days.

“Everything you need”

rule rights quantum leaps makes the technical development in passenger cars as well as in trucks. The stressed subject teachers as representatives of the two vehicle manufacturers. The new Exercise cars the modern lighting technology was the focus, but also to other technical equipment “is all in there,” said BMW district manager Norbert Pogorzelski. That the Mini, the BMW fully provides free for the training at the Haßfurter Heinrich Thein Vocational School available that Australia equipment has and so is right-hand drive, does not matter for the use at school.

Headmistress Heidrun Görtler promised to take the district manager at his word. The school encouraged namely, to apply for an e-vehicle on permanent loan at BMW. In this sector he sees clearly the future of mobility, “and of course, our service staff have to be trained most modern.”
Ten and five years old are the previous two tractors on which the commercial vehicle mechatronics are trained.

Haßfurt is the center for all Franconian trainees, “and the reputation of this third year of training is outstanding here,” said Bernd Johann of the MAN branch in Sennfeld who is also trainers themselves. In ten years, the technology of a truck was completely out of date, he explained

The specialist vocational teacher made the visible. The circuit diagram of the ten-year-old semi-trailer still fit on a DIN A-3 sheet, five years later it took only four such sheets, “and at the New we will see,” said Christoph Lindner. In particular, the safety features such as lane departure warning, as well as the development of fuel-efficient engines require of the mechatronics, constantly educate, and of course had just the curriculum keeping in the forming step.

What Does the Future

specialist teachers Harald Burkard looked eight to ten years ahead: “When we imagine the next semi-trailers for the school, then I will go probably in the hall, saying the truck that he forwards itself should establish the roll-up door – and I walked up to the front, he is there. ” Not only the latest technology but also the fact that students can now practice on two trucks, means an added value for the training, he said.

the truck financed the district as administrative expenses support for themselves deputy District Oskar Ebert at MAN thanked for the estate. Even if the acquisition in the county budget proposes five digits to book, it is undisputed, as “investment in training wear best return,” says Ebert.

The district was seeking always to optimize the conditions for the training further. This had already begun with the relocation of the automotive division in the F-construction 20 years ago and in the forthcoming overhaul of the vocational training center that was the major concern.

With 254 students, the automotive division is one of the largest at Heinrich Thein-school, but above all provide a very innovative. The new training program “and Abi car” finds there well received.


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