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Gigaset phones have bone conduction technology – TechStage

All about Gigaset
Hands-on: Gigaset ME Pro
Hands-on: Gigaset ME
TL; DW: IFA Day 1 – Gigaset ME, Gigaset ME Pro


The on the IFA 2015 in Berlin featured three smartphones ME Pure , ME and ME Pro be used for phone calls no earpiece, but a bone conductor sends vibrations through the skull .

The German manufacturer Gigaset has since 1 September 2015, a new player in the smartphone market: For the first time, the company offers mobile phones. With three devices traditionally known for its DECT products supplier enters the Games area, on the big guys like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and further their places have.

But do the girls and boys from Dusseldorf right at the start something different: the three smartphones of the ME series are equipped, for example, does not have an earpiece that serves for telephony. A bone conduction transducer is used instead. The in German called bone conductor device sets on the cheek and whose bones and thus transfers the acoustics by vibration directly into the ear.

“Where actually is your earpiece in three ME-products” , we asked a product manager on the IFA stand in Berlin. “The design of smart phones is very important to us, even a saving for the earpiece in the glass we did not see. We think that we can solve it differently and therefore we use a ceramic Transmitter “ – was the explanation

The ME Pure, ME and ME Pro have a continuous front from Corning Gorilla Glass. 4 with rounded edges. The frame at the ME and ME Pro is made of stainless steel, while in the low-cost model, the ME Pure aluminum is used after all,

the bone conduction technology is not new. In his AR-Bille Glass Google has partially set to the same concept. Smartphones using this method however, there is not every day to see.

All Gigaset ME models are available from autumn 2015 in Europe and China in trade and in the online shop of Gigaset available. The price of the entry-level model ME Pure is 349 euros, the standard model ME at 469 Euro and the premium model ME Pro at 549 €



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