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Clean Ship: Reeder is testing new technology –

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Joop Wösten

Whether barges to larger polluters include, or not – this is a matter of perspective. On the one hand they are replacing many trucks, thus saving a lot of fuel a. On the other hand they encounter when compared to trucks but also multiples of soot. Exactly that could change now. For a new technology ensures that hardly any soot is formed, the stress can be reduced by 95 percent: The fuel-water emulsion system (KWE-conditioning). The Harener Reeder Martin Deymann is one of the first who has the technology undergone the practical test

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Green Marine from Lower Saxony


Hallo Niedersachsen

Shipowners Martin Deymann of Haren Ems has two of its vessels equipped so that the soot is decisively reduced.

Water is injected into the engine

” We boatmen are very cautious and conservative, “says Deymann. “But I want that our ships are clean and we back our position in the transport industry in a better light.” Two ships have equipped with the new technology of 45-year-old Reeder. One of them, the “Rudolf Deymann”, now has three years and 8,000 hours under his belt. Time for a thorough revision. Skipper Mario Hüttges is still skeptical: “We have learned that water in the engine is not good,” he says. The technology is exactly this effect. Stated simply, water is injected into the engine. The fuel shall be like a cloak around the microscopically fine water droplets. In the “explosion” in the cylinder atomized this mixture. . Combustion is thereby much finer and cleaner

“The expectations were even exceeded”

The fears, the water could eventually lead to corrosion damage, were at the Revision at the shipyard in Rotterdam now thoroughly refuted. “The expectations were even exceeded,” says Hüttges pleased. His boss, Martin Deymann, now considered to equip more ships with KWE-conditioning. But he also encourages other incentives by the legislature. “The efforts should at least, at the cost of about 80,000 euros rewards”, he says.


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