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No more flat rate for "Drosselkom": Telekom appoints throttle-Fares to - ABC Online

DT wants to emphasize with volume limit the term “flat rate” for DSL rates. The new system should cut in December. After FOCUS information so they dispense with the appeal of a judgment of the Regional Court of Cologne of 30 October this year, after which the group has a monthly throttling had been prohibited in the so-called flat-rate tariffs “Call & Surf” and “Entertain”. Thus, a tariff may only “flat rate” means if the pace remains unthrottled. The plaintiff was the Consumer Association NRW.

critics now fear the Telekom could simply rename these tariffs. Whether it would be enough, however, legally, give DSL rates that have been introduced since the end of April with a data reduction to 75 Gigabit per month (in entry rates), new name without the “flat rate” to is debatable.

Can you tariffs simply rename

“If the only telecom plan will no longer throttled DSL contracts” flat rate “to call, then that would be legally questionable and by no means sufficient,” says consumer advocate and lawyer Thomas Bradler compared to FOCUS. Telekom customers could then continue to insist that a monthly volume limit is ineffective as long as originally booked fare was sold as a flat rate.

Telekom referred to FOCUS request that she wanted to give details of the new collective strategy until Monday. Supposedly she wants for future customers create more transparency.

Bradler also warns telecom competitors such as Vodafone and O2, which also offer DSL flat rates to pursue its throttling plans: “The judgment of Cologne must not be understood as an important signal to the competitor.”

throttle issue busy Telekom for months

The theme throttling keeps Telekom and thus its outgoing CEO René Obermann since the end of April. At that time the T-Group announced the first time that almost all new broadband plans with a monthly throttling – depending on the price – would be provided on 75-200 Gigabit. The move brought edem company the nickname “Drosselkom”. The consumer advocates had then threatened with court action.

In a first step, the Telekom decided to slow down after reaching the maximum data volume to a loading speed of 364 kilobits per second, but what she later recanted. The flow rate was then increased to two megabits per second.


everything was not enough the court. In essence, asked the Cologne judges to take out the extra clause on data throttling back from the new contracts. Whether will now take place a mere renaming of existing tariffs, or the Telekom in turn needs to introduce new tariffs, they will now be announced shortly.

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